umbrella - Kinematograph


Run time: 26 minutes, 21 seconds
Number of tracks: 7

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: 21st June 2015

Keihaku na hito
Sky Fish
Tenohira drop
Bokutachi ga egaita panorama

"Kinematograph" is Umbrella's third mini album but their first album release under the wing of Europe's Gan-Shin Records. This album is also a first with the finalised line up of members so really we can hope for a solid and confident sound that will impress both old and new fans alike! 

What does the album sound like? Well, we start off with "Lumiere", a sober instrumental as an opening which is ok to set the mood but doesn't really hold that much in the way of impressing you just yet. 
However as the first notes of violin introduce "Keihaku na Hito", your ears perk up a little bit, but as the song fully gets underway you are blown away by the upbeat and slightly off-key pop rock tone. There is this weird mash up of the classical and pop notes, the brilliant tempo of Sho's drumming for example, with the more darker and wistful elements coming through from Yui's vocals. 

"Sky Fish" and "Zouka" have the heavier factor with moments of unity between the bass (Hal), drums and guitar (Shu) that could quite possibly inspire a good rocking out session, whereas for songs "Tenohira drop" and "Witch?" we have equally commendable rock songs but so completely different in style. "Witch?" especially is a fascinating song. Take the spelling, think of a game-boy Halloween style background, throw in some deep guitar grinds with a hearty drum beat and the adept vocals of Yui and you'll possibly get the gist but it just needs a listen to fully appreciate the quality of this track. 

Finally "Bokutachi ga Kaita Panorama" brings the album to a strangely charming close. In comparison to what "Witch?" brought us just minutes before, this song is a complete polar opposite in every aspect and finishes the album in a lovely way, in fact you might not even realise that you have reached the end of the album as quickly as you have. 

So disregarding being unsure at first with the opening instrumental, "Kinematograph" is a real flourish of an album with even more promise for the future. You only have to check out what they have been up to overseas and in their homeland to see how much they have gained over the past couple of years and to realise what they are capable of and how much they are (and are continuing) to grow in popularity. 

"Kinematograph" will be released officially on the 21st of June.