I Sing for You
Written by Rachel Yarwood

"I sing for you", the newest single from THE KIDDIE, offers fans another bright and upbeat style of song.
There is a wonderful consistency with THE KIDDIE's material but at the same time each new track never fails to have that little bit of an extra spark to it from the last. The first listen to this track would probably suggest to you a very modest sounding pop rock song. 
With "I sing for you", there are hints of boy-band pop together with the exciting flair of the more rock band element both of which combine to suggest just how much potential this band still has. 
Along with this, the vocals from Yusa adapt perfectly to each change of emotion or style. They remain strong, consistent and with some accurate and sweet melodies that come through predominantly, but not too harshly, above the instruments in each stanza. 
The chorus, in relation to Yusa's vocals, is obviously more upbeat and melodic. Skipping right to the end of "I sing for you", THE KIDDIE give us a double chorus, the first chorus bridges perfectly to the second and with added acoustic guitar in there now it is a very pleasant closure to the track. 
Behind all the vocal work, the guitars and the drums, there is also a pretty synth sound lingering in the background, which definitely adds to the more pop attributes that this "I sing for you" boasts. 
What is also like-able about this track is that for the duration of the song you can focus on whichever instrument you wish and hear it clearly. The clarity of each instrument, be it the catchy beat from Yuudai's drumming or the subtle rhythms from Sorao's bass lines, is impeccable and something that you don't always have the pleasure of hearing in many tracks. 
The rhythm and the lead guitars (Jun and Yuusei) also work together fantastically for this song but things are upped another notch with Yuusei's solo. If we go back to mention the more rock style of this track for a minute, "I sing you for you" would not count for very much without this extra bit of excitement given to us with the guitar solo which is justifiably short and sweet. 
The accompanying music video for "I sing for you" offers a considerable amount of colour and vibrancy through it's visuals which are just like, if not more, the sweet boy band material as the song itself.
"I sing for you / Suki" will be released on the 1st of August and will come in three editions in total; Regular, Type A and Type B.
The Regular edition will feature two tracks in total, "I sing for you" and "Suki".   The Type A edition will feature both tracks "I sing for you" and "Suki" plus a bonus DVD with the music video to "I sing for you".   The Type B edition will feature both tracks "I sing for you" and "Suki" plus a bonus DVD with the music video to "Suki".