Written by Rachel Yarwood

"Sprechchor", the title track on RADWIMPS newest single release, boasts much of what the band is already characterized by. Namely with this newest and title track on the single, we have the usual strong and continuous rhythms, guitar riffs and the smooth yet wonderfully catchy vocals from lead vocalist Noda. With all of these characteristics brought together we have a smooth and indie rock sound. 
The beginning of "Sprechchor" draws us in with a subtle and calming drum beat (Satoshi Yamaguchi)and charming guitar melodies (Akira Kuwahara), followed with Noda's vocals, and lastly the bass (Yusuke Takeda). As the opening verse progresses there is a slight fear of something bordering on average as the sound is quite repetitive, however the chorus kills this notion altogether with an explosion of sound which gives a welcomed boost to the overall impressiveness for this as an opening track to the new single. 
Disregarding the repetitive aspect, Noda's vocal work remains a charming and complimentary element not just for the title track but also through this whole single release, if not arguably for each release that RADWIMPS bring out. 
With a style similar to Fujiwara Motoo of Bump Of Chicken, Noda is able to encapsulate the mood of the track with his distinctive voice, working well with the instruments to offer the song another level of quirkiness. In particular, Noda brings a lot more emotion through for the ending chorus before the instruments drown us in a rapid crescendo of guitar, bass notes and drumming as "Sprechchor" is coming to its close. For the last few, maybe twenty, seconds of the track we are left with this pure and quaint distortion of melody bringing everything to a neat and interesting finish. 
"Dokuhaku", the second track of the single, is probably the most interesting track on the single and also runs at eight minutes long. Already with this in mind it will either be happily anticipated or it won't be. 
Certainly, "Dokuhaku" will become one of those tracks, which will divide RADWIMP fans down the middle in the sense of that some will love it and some will not. 
Whilst the music of the track itself consists of beautiful instrumentals of piano and drums, backed by a subtle synth offering a smooth and jazzy element in a stark contrast to "Sprechchor", Noda's vocal work drops all aforementioned characteristics and instead he speaks over the music. 
For a lot of people this really would not appeal, but bearing in mind that the 'lyrics' are probably just as meaningful as the other tracks on there, the music remains resonating and the 'chorus' especially breaks Noda's spoken stanzas perfectly to add a rather calming and lovely appeal to the track.
"Sprechchor" will be released officially on the 1st of August and will come in two editions; Regular and Limited.  The Regular Edition will feature three tracks in total "Sprechchor", "Dokuhaku" and "22:20:12:5:14:2012".  The Limited Edition will feature the same three tracks plus the Limited Edition cardboard sleeve.