Special thanks to Hal for his organisation and language assistance.

Could you please introduce yourselves and explain what Quaff means to each of you?

Hello, everyone! I'm SEIYA on vocals. To me, Quaff is a family, a friend, and a lover for me. By the way, it is a fierce lover... However, that is wrong, that is not the meaning of Quaff to me! Therefore I wish that the most important meaning Quaff is inconsiderable.

I'm UKISEMI on MC, I play the role of agitator in the show. I came down here from TEN-JO-KAI. TEN-JO-KAI is heavens paradise. What it means to me? Haha...The meaning cannot be revealed. Don't worry, for me, world domination is not a motive (LOL)

I'm Makito on guitar, The most difficult question came in the beginning of the interview! Quaff is like a ship on which I can go treasure hunting on. Our dream is to be a big success and it takes maximum effort from us all. It is not possible to leave the ship when there are such vast oceans to travel! Quaff or Die!!

Hi, I'm TAKUMA! On Guitar. Quaff means that it swallows your pain and sadness and it can change anything into forward (love) power.

Hi I'm Shingo. I play the bass guitar and sometimes, I play the Chinese Flute. In the dictionary, the meaning of Quaff is "To Guzzle it.“ I want you to smile when everyone swallows Quaff. This meaning is that our music swallowed all the bad things.

I'm big smiley Hal on drums. I'm the one who never has negative thinking. Quaff is my life and makes me feel grown up.


You have not played in the UK yet, Could you please describe your music to Japanese rock fans that may not have heard of you?

(Ukisemi): Please imagine a big market called Quaff. There are a lot of toys for which you hope and sweet cakes are put there. Whatever makes you throb is there. Hey! Would that excite you? We keep making music that gives you that throb. I want you to come to the Quaff market.

(Hal):I can tell Quaff's music is different from all other music. I always feel this when I'm playing. It's more powerful and peaceful!


Quaff has two vocalists, could you explain why this is so? Do you think this gives you a greater stage energy?

(Seiya): It is often presumed that we have more energy because of having 2 vocalists, however, we are a band of six and everyone is made happy. I hope people would enjoy the contrasted performance of two people.

(Makito): It is very difficult to make music that makes the best use of Two vocalists every time.

Recently, our music is produced as individual as we can make it, and hope does not make the listener get tired.


You have already done tours in the USA, Are you thinking of planning to include the UK in your next tour?

(Takuma): Of cause, we hope that we can play in the UK! And we want to play at big convention and music festival in Europe!

(Shingo): Our dream is to perform all over the world. We want many people to listen to our music. And we want to see many smiles!


Where do Quaff dream of being/doing in ten years time?

(Hal): In ten years, Quaff wish to be doing a successful whole world tour!

(Takuma): And nothing else besides it!


Have any bands from the UK influenced you in your music tastes?

(Makito):The band in UK that I was influenced is “Def Leppard" and“Whitesnake".

These two bands are still big influences for me.

(Shingo): I heard The Beatles when I was young. My elder sister often listened to it whilst I was at the desk next to her. And... Jamiroquai, Coldplay, Queen, Sting, David Bowie, DEF LEPPARD, RADIOHEAD, Squarepusher, The Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Stereophonics... But I think we should stop there for the interview! (LOL


In comparison to other Japanese artists that have visited the UK, how would you say you are similar/different to their sounds?

(Ukisemi): I think that there is no band like us. We are unusually special. The show of Quaff is a show that gets everyone singing, dancing, and very excitable.

Please join in!. We‘ll make you smile. Also…have you found the door to the world above?


What is your favourite thing to do with friends in your free time?

(Shingo): I don’t really spend my free time with my friends… (LOL)But, I have a lot of hobbies. Photography, Designing, and Net Surfin'. I go to a big park with the camera when I have inner reserves of strength. Although! My and HAL are talking about going snowboarding some time!

(Takuma): My favourite thing is drinking and shopping with my friends. And sometimes I like to go dancing at clubs.


Do you think it is important for fans to understand what is going on in a personal life of a band to understand them completely?

(Shingo): Hmmm, I think that not everybody needs to know everything. I mean... They are occasionally severe. We make the songs, write the lyrics, and practice staging. I’m not sure everyone will want to see our tired faces? (LOL)

(Ukisemi): For the fans to know me personally I would ask: Do you want to come to the TEN-JO-KAI?


Finally, please give a message for Kirin and your UK fans!

(Makito):Thank you Kirin works and all Quaff fans in UK. We  sincerely wish to express our gratitude. We are all very interested in the UK. And, I want to visit UK sometime.

Please support us. Your help can lead us to the UK!

(Seiya): At first thank you Kirin for giving us an opportunity to do this interview. We want to go to the U.K. to meet you by all means. Therefore your support is more necessary. Please invite Quaff to the U.K!!!