Lucky Star
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Polysics return with a brand new single entitled "Lucky Star", their first single release in just over three years, and it will be released towards the end of this month on the 22nd of August. 
"Lucky Star" begins with a funky and slightly pop sound which is arguably something like what you might expect on an intro or outro theme for an anime. However, as the song progresses further you are acquainted once again with the unique, extremely happy and bouncy sounding melodies with which Polysics have gained their reputable distinction as a band. 
With this track bassist Fumi takes the lead on vocals giving us a sweet and very girly lyrical side. Hayashi on the other hand takes a step back, focusing more on his guitar work, only really adding his own vocals with a few parts here and there. All the while in-keeping with that overall funky, retro game  element in touch. Whilst Fumi is the main vocalist for "Lucky Star", Hayashi is the main vocalist for "No.Control", and this equal divide on these two new tracks is a rather nice touch for a single well overdue. 
The layout of this track is perhaps a little repetitive, but as an anticipated release by many fans of the band, this track which opens the single is highly encouraging. With it's bouncy rhythms, peculiar yet interesting musical arrangements, and the sugary voice from Fumi, "Lucky Star" is a deserving new track from them this year. 
The B-Side which follows is entitled "No.Control". 
As mentioned previously Hayashi now takes the lead with this track and sound wise, this would most probably be the track that would be more familiar to many fans. Whereas "Lucky Star" has that more pop element to it, "No.Control" returns to the more frantic and electro qualities of Polysics, adding a lot more guitar work over actual vocals. 
Nevertheless, as a single overall, "Lucky Star" is a strong single especially after so many years in the waiting. 
Whilst the title track is cute and could be promising something more along the lines of structured pop in the future, however "No.Control" throws us right back in to the style of previous works which is familiar but also good to hear that they are sticking to their roots.
"Lucky Star" will be released in two versions in total, a Regular and a Limited Edition. 
The Regular edition will come with just the CD featuring both tracks and the Limited Edition will come with a bonus DVD containing footage (a 'digest movie') from their "MEMORIAL LIVE OR DIE!!!~Shuku!!! 1000-bon!!! 'OmedeTOISU!' to Itte Kure!!!~" which was held at Shibuya-AX earlier this year.