Make My Day
Written by Rachel Yarwood

"Make my day", the newest addition from Piko, really is just one of those feel good pop songs. There are no deep lyrics to baffle or make your head swim and no overly imaginative compositions to ruin the mood of the song. Rather, this track is simple, upbeat and fun not only listen to but to join along with, vocally of course.
The track opens with a game-like, sort of your old arcade theme tune, sound which on its own will steal your attention for that moment at least.
However, as Piko then begins nearly instantaneously after this, it becomes only too clear that again we are set for a cheerful and upbeat pop tune, taking us straight in to the chorus of the song with catchy lyrics and an upbeat rhythm.
Piko's vocal work is both feminine and flawless, the emotion and range in which he expresses is in true character of the fun-loving, melodic and bouncy pop style makes "Make my day" a quirky and brightly optimistic song that you could listen to more than just the once.
The accompanying music video for "Make my day" certainly plays on the game element, with (pixel-lated?) characters and an array of materials strewn on set which some are used as Piko and his backing dancers perform.
The video is vibrant and just as entertaining to watch as the song is to listen to, and both combined, showing how much Piko still has to offer.
“Make my day”, the title track, will be used as the official introduction theme tune to the TV anime series "Binbogami gal".
The single itself will be released officially on the 15th of August and will come in three editions in total. The Regular Edition will feature six tracks in total, three of which are the 'Piko-less' versions of the first three tracks; "Make My Day", "Gesshoku" and "Invisible".
The Limited Edition will feature the same six tracks but will also come with a bonus extra of a 'Sakura Ichiko' (paper figure). Lastly, the Limited DVD Edition will feature the six songs as mentioned plus a bonus DVD with concert footage.