Deeper Deeper / Nothing Helps
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Deeper Deeper" is the first track on One Ok Rock's first single of the year. Opening with the bass (Ryota) and a rhythm of claps we get the feeling that this is going to be a catchy and upbeat start, at least, to this release. 
As the song opens fully, we get a good rock style from the guitar work (Toru) and a fast pace on the drums (Tomoya), offering a deep and heavy melody to compliment the vocals from Taka.
To begin with, Taka starts off slightly spoken in tone for the first verse which progresses as the chorus kicks in with a lot more melody. The instruments also level this by increasing in melody to match, the drums continuing with an upbeat tempo, a surge of energy which will easily be something memorable for many listeners of this new track. 
As well as the catchy quality, the high energy, and the understandable English lyrics, the structure of this track is fairly simple. This gives you a very straight, fast, and altogether strong rock song where if you were going to find a fault it would be that it doesn't feel as though it lasts long enough. At just over three and a half minutes it really wouldn't be a surprise if this is what you might think. 
The second track "Nothing Helps" greets us with a slower tempo at first, opening with a simple guitar melody and background vocals. However things start to pick up especially with the style of the drums and the vocal work, both relatively the stronger points of this song, as Tomoya keeps the rhythm strong and upbeat throughout as Taka (plus backing vocals from Toru) is equally as strong adding screams along the way which brings back the heavier element of the band. 

As the track continues the guitar also increases in rapidity which contributes even more to the increase of the heavy atmosphere of "Nothing Helps", giving us a nifty solo as well, before the final notes of guitar that close this track in a cool abruptness. 
"Kasabuta" is the final track on the single which is inbetween a ballad and a soft rock track. There is a good tempo and rhythm which keep "Kasabuta" at a neat and steady pace, whereas the use of the electric guitar from Toru and Taka's vocals accentuate the pop-rock side, altogether bringing the single to a pleasant end. 
"Deeper Deeper / Nothing Helps" will be released officially on the 9th of January and it comes with the three tracks as mentioned; "Deeper Deeper", "Nothing Helps" and "Kasabuta".


The Beginning
Written by Rachel Yarwood

ONE OK ROCK’s  newest single release this year “The Beginning” opens with Taka (lead vocals) backed by Toru’s guitar and a piano. The vocals from Taka have a particularly nice sound to them and the overall sound so far with this track is quite indie rock but with a pop twist.
“The Beginning” for these first seconds sound very much like a pop band beginning until the drums (Tomoya) enter and take us into the main of track. This brings in a lot more of the heavier sound to the song as he gives the foot pedal and cymbals some good usage especially.
Ryota’s bass is also rather prominent for the verses in particular, the guitar melodies are noticeably more subtle for these parts to great effect, because it then allows you to hear this wonderful supporting rhythm.
Taka, for this track especially, has a good steady and melodic voice. As with the drums, as soon as the main of the song kicks in, the vocals present a stronger and more emotive character.
Taka also sings in English for this track which is quite deceptive at first because as he opens the track in English, and continues with this, you are tempted to believe that the whole of the song will carry on in this fashion. It is not however the way this track goes. Instead, Taka slips in some Japanese here and there, but unlike the English which just seems to flow naturally, the Japanese (weirdly enough) sounds quite odd.
The end of the song is the most grand though, from the instrumental bridge which slowly invites the track to take things up another notch, to the perfect key change from Taka and to the increase of drama altogether that the combined effort from each instrument puts forward for this ending, builds perfectly to it’s peak and makes for impressive listening.
The second track “Ketsuraku Automation” opens with a beautiful, classical, introduction of cello and violin. The transition this time between classical and heavier rock notes is rather good with this track. ONE OK ROCK do not cut straight from one to the other in an abrupt change of style or mood, rather they build upon it, each section flowing perfectly through each gradual change.
A set back with this track however would probably be the lack of this classical element. The opening is the only time for the duration of "Ketsuraku Automation" where you hear the cello and violin which begs the question of why it was there in the first place.
Lastly, as the third track "Notes’n’words” begins, we have another change in style but this time it is one which sticks through out. The band now leaving us with a notably slower, acoustic  yet still remarkably powerful track to finish the single with.
"The Beginning" will be released officially on the 22nd of August and it will come in just the one edition, featuring the three songs as mentioned.