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10th July 2014

Written by Rachel Yarwood

 Moran's "HOLLOW MAN" is an alternative, if slightly odd, new single  release. 
 The opening track is an instrumental, slightly creepy in sound which  makes this half a minute long composition really set the way for an  interesting next few songs. 
 The first full length track, "HOLLOW MAN", is equally just as  intriguing, following from the instrumental in a perfect transition.  The thing that makes this track stand out quite exceptionally are the  guitar rhythms and melodies (Sizna & vivi). They really are imaginative from the very beginning, which supports the edgy tone that Moran seem to be going for with this release, and creates such an edgy tone to the song as a whole. 
Towards the middle of the track though, the style of the guitar becomes less harrassed in sound and more laid back and melodic, complimenting the smooth style of Hitomi's vocal work. 
Hitomi's vocals and Ivy's bass lines are the only thing that you might say are consistent with "HOLLOW MAN". Hitomi's vocals remain at all times in this song strong and with a good melodic range. The bass also is steady, exceptionally prominent for the most parts particularly so in the stanzas, offering a fast paced and strong rhythm through out the track. 
"Fukamidori" which is the second track on the single again is a very good song to follow on with. This is another fast paced track but this time we also have a chorus of violins and extra charming vocals.
The third track, which is entitled "Esther", is the one that doesn't really match the rest of the single style wise. This song is the heaviest track on the release, with rapid drumming (Soan), fast bass lines, and pacey guitar work, sounding a little bit like one of those 'demo tracks' that are sometimes the bonus or 'hidden' special track on a single or album. 
"HOLLOW MAN" will be released officially on the 10th of July in two editions, Regular and Limited. 
The Regular Edition will feature three songs in total as mentioned and the Limited Edition will feature only "HOLLOW MAN" and "Esther" but will come with a bonus DVD featuring the music video for "HOLLOW MAN."

Written by Rachel Yarwood

Not long since their recent announcement of two new official members, Vivi (ex-DragonWAPPPPPPER) and Ivy (ex-DIO) this June, Moran are back again with a new single entitled "Eclipse". After their last release "Snowing", the title track a ballad of exceptional quality, "Eclipse" offers fans something now with a bit more oomph. 
"Eclipse" and "Vega no hana", which are featured on the both releases, definitely sound more equipped in the sense that they are now a five member band and are using the extra man-power to create the next chapter for Moran's musical journey.
The title track "Eclipse" opens with a futuristic and jumpy melody. Soan (drums) then takes the lead first with a slow build up and, as Sizna and Vivi take their cue from him with a growling hum on their guitars, the drums then increase in rhythm with a faster rolling pace.
This is not it as far as the introduction is concerned. Rather the futuristic element carries on in the way of a synth, which is the definitive melody for this section before Hitomi takes over with the first verse of the song. 
Hitomi's vocals are smooth and possibly at this moment sounding a little too refined, although as we come into the chorus the increase of melody, especially as the synth re-enters, compliments his voice really well. 
The guitars also sound a lot less like growls and the bouncing rhythm of Ivy's bass line, which is a lot more prominent for this section, work well to pick up the pace and help along with what emotion Hitomi is expressing through this track
"Vega no hana" on the other hand sounds more promising as a heavier rock track.
Again we have an electronic opening, which is followed closely by the drums, but in comparison to the opening of "Eclipse", you can definitely hear a hint of something more arcane. Soan's drumming, especially the use of his kick drum, is more prominent and even Ivy's bass lines have more clarity to them. 
Whereas the rhythm from Ivy's bass is much smoother and seems to flow with the track, the guitars seem to add odd bits of melody here and there. It almost counteracts the gothic feel from the synthesizer, jarring in comparison, and adds an extra piece of edginess to track.
 There is an overall gothic feel with the synthesizer this time, an added charm of violins, fitting with the lovely clarity of Hitomi's vocals and along with the deeper rhythms of the guitars and bass, it adds perfectly to the darker tone of this track. 
In a complete contradiction of sound, "Vega no hana #2", which is featured on the Limited Edition only, is not a voiceless (or instrumental) follow on from the first version as you might imagine. 
The music on it's own is relaxing and lovely to listen to. It is a softer, more beautiful, acoustic and classical track in which Hitomi speaks over the music rather than sings. Sounding more like an extended ending rather than a track on it's own, "Vega no hana #2" is a peaceful finishing touch to end the single with.
"Eclipse" will be released officially on the 12th of September in two editions, Regular and Limited. 
The Regular Edition will feature three new tracks, "Eclipse", "hika ni nijimu" and "Vega no hana".
The Limited Edition will feature three tracks on the CD also, but the track list differs as "hika ni nijimu" is replaced by the second "Vega no hana" track as reviewed. This edition comes with an additional DVD including the music video for "Eclipse".