lynch. - DARK - In the name of evil-


Run time: 43 minutes 30 seconds
Number of tracks: 13

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: 7th October 2015


As the album begins we are greeted by a simple, classical and rather ominous sounding track. The singular pound of the piano keys resonating above the string composition gives the impression of some possible impending doom and it's probably fair to say that many fans of Lynch. will respond to this with a staunch "bring it on!"

Sure enough "D.A.R.K" lays all the right cards on the table. Heavy and sensual, still with the piano elements and the brilliant vocal work Hazuki cleverly throws in a mixture of softer and harsher tones which balance perfectly with the deep grind of the guitars. Together with the fantastic tempo from the drums, keeping the pace truly worthy of some headbanging moments, this album is already looking at being an impressive release from the band.

"Antares" and "Evoke" both invite 'Oh my God' moments. At first you won't realise with "Antares" and you might be tempted to overlook this track after the tremendous quality of "D.A.R.K", however when you reach the instrumental... you will understand and you have been duly warned. "Evoke" on the other hand, is designed to get your ears pulsing and your hearts pounding with racy drums, truly metal-core,  and again the collaboration of softer and harsher vocals.

Already, four songs in and if you aren't exhausted just listening to this track you are left wondering just how CAN they top this one?!

The album takes a different turn after this. "Ghost" has an element of eerie quality to it in the band's choice of melody but it is certainly less heavier than we have heard so far and then "Eternity" showing the 'softer' side of lynch. with a delicate and highly emotive sounding theme. 
"Fallen" picks up the pace again, but still not quite with the same fury that we heard earlier, with a notable guitar composition and perfect harmonies. This song is constant and truly lovely to listen to but with a desperate, longing, undertone coming through from the vocals and lyrics. 

Up until "Cosmos" the impressive metal-core feat doesn't quite peak again after "Evoke", but "Cosmos" brings back those original feelings with a vengeance! Heavy, furious instrumentation, the mix of beautiful and anguished vocals all contributes to easily push this as the track to call your second favourite. 

Altogether "DARK - In the name of evil-" is a good representation of mixing those beautiful melodies with the heavier and more powerful metal elements. The sound of this album is new and exciting but also keeping to that very distinct lynch. quality, gifting us with both surprisingly gentle tracks and then heart stopping metal gems that will favour both old time fans and new alike.