Written by Rachel Yarwood
With a name like "BALLAD" it would be hard not to expect the style of the single to follow in suit and as the first track opens with a pleasantly melodic piano you are instantly persuaded in believing that lynch. have indeed procured a ballad. 
However, despite Hazuki's vocals remaining equally pleasant and melodic through out the entirety of this song, as the piano ceases and the main of the track begins the pace automatically picks up. The initial thoughts of 'this is going to be a ballad track' are more or less thrown to the wind as we now have a steady and upbeat tempo from Asanao's drums and a thick, pulsating, rhythm from the bass. The guitar work (Reo, Yuusuke) also gives "BALLAD" a more rock attitude working well against the melodies of Hazuki's voice to perfectly counterbalance both the heavier and classical sides of the song. 
The interlude before the final chorus hears the piano return to it's full potential and the combination of this classical element, the rock of the electric instruments, and the percussion work together harmoniously. 
"Crystalize", the second track on the single, to begin with follows with the same melodic rock feel. Then as the introductory vocals end, the atmosphere becomes more darker as Asanao particularly steps it up a gear with a powerful rhythm on his drums. 
Unfortunately, as the first verse opens, this does not last as we return to the original melodic rock style that we heard in the opening and it becomes difficult to choose a preference to either "BALLAD" or "Crystalize". 
Although "Crystalize" in particular does have more impressive instrumental intervals that are heavier with a complete rock-out feel to it, which is always a positive thing, both tracks seem to aim to impress but they do not quite reach that point as the tension between each build-up draws to a climax and then deflates just as easily. 
"BALLAD" will be released on the 20th of February and will come in the one edition featuring both the songs "BALLAD" and "Crystalize". 


Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Lightning", the new single from Visual Kei band lynch., is an energetic and well structured release. 
The title track, also named "Lightning", opens with a rapid drum beat (Asanao) the standard of which is rather impressive. This does not just stop at the opening, rather Asanao continues to wow us through out the track with his skills on the drums, which is probably one of the best features of this song.
Hazuki, on vocals, gives us a good mix of melody and screaming which compliments the heavier notes this song is promoting. Hazuki also does not completely drown us in incomprehensible lyrics that can sometimes happen with the heavier Visual Kei bands, but instead he is charismatic and gives us a healthy and honestly tremendous dose of both melody and growling vocals.
The instrumental however, instead of a usual guitar solo that you might have been expecting, we have a heavy collaboration of all the instruments. Most notably again, we have a rapid and rolling drum beat from Asanao plus an equally fantastic grind of the guitars (Reo, Yusuke) which together helps the build up to the final minute of the track. Hazuki's vocals start with a raspy whisper which gradually become louder and more forceful to coincide with the rest of the band in the epic finale of the last chorus.
"The Morning Glow", the second track on the single, opens in a similar energetic fashion. One key difference though is the notably heavier and prominent bass-line from Akinori. 
As the song progresses you will notice some more key differences from the first track such as the slower tempo, regardless of the near constant jumping rhythm between the vocal work, and the prettier melodies giving "The Morning Glow" less of a heavier feel and more of a relaxed feel to it. 
It is not necessarily a negative thing however from the first notes of the bass you kind of expect another hard hitting, bordering on metal, type of rock song and it does not quite come up to this expectation. 
On the other hand, you do have a rather gracious (albeit short) guitar solo from Reo which makes up for "Lightning" not having one!
"Lightning" will be released officially on the 24th of October and will come in just the one edition. It will feature two tracks in total; "Lightning" and "The Morning Glow".