Written by Rachel Yarwood
Lost Ash is a relatively new, vibrant band, first making it to the public eye officially in 2010. Their music dabbling in different styles, just one reason as to what makes them an interesting band to keep your eye on, especially if you are quite partial to energetic, fast paced and heavier music daubed with fantastic melodies and a vocalist with a powerful set of vocal chords. 
"Mask", the newest single release from the quartet, is laced with heavy rhythms from the bass (Sai) and interesting guitar riffs (Show). From beginning to end, we are thrown into this non stop frenzy, not just with the deep and powerful rhythms but also with a good pace from the drumming (Dye) and lively melodies from the string compositions that switch from heavy rock to jazzy rock smoothly.
As powerful as Daiki's vocal range is, and the nice way he swaps styles from the verses to the chorus (from a low-key drone, to a more higher melodic range which works really well with the shift of sound from the guitar compositions), his voice might not prove to be something many would particularly enjoy. 
Whilst his vocals stay more true to the Visual Kei individualistic notion, so not necessarily the style is in question, but the sound as a whole might be something people will either take to or they won't. 
"Mask", Lost Ash's fourth single release, is a new single that will surely prove to be one worth the wait for existing fans of this fresh and upcoming rock group and for new listeners this might prove to be a good starting point. 
"Mask" will officially be released as of the 11th of April and it will be released in two editions in total; Regular Edition and Limited Edition.  The Regular Edition will feature three tracks in total, "Mask", "Gimme a break!" and "Setsuna", whilst the Limited Edition of this single will feature two of these songs plus an added bonus DVD with the music video to "Mask" and the making of.