Kamijo - Symphony of the Vampire


Run time: 29 minutes
Number of tracks: 7

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: 5th March 2014


"Symphony of The Vampire", Kamijo's debut album release as a solo musician makes for an intense listen. We have an entire symphony composed in just under half an hour, cut into seven chunks and individually titled, filled with dramatic melodies, powerful rhythms and emotive vocal work. The album as a whole piece, without thinking about it as a seven chapter story, is a perfect piece of music that will surely impress the fan-base from the very first listen. 

"Symphony of The Vampire" boasts a wonderful collaboration of metal, classical and rock that gives this release an array of sounds and elements that have been used fittingly to promote each theme as the symphony, or the story, changes. You are transported listening to this release, by the theatrical nature, by the elegance of the smallest changes of tempo or the introduction of the piano towards the final moments of "Sacrifice of Allegro". This section is such small part yet it is powerful, mysterious, and it makes it so hard to ignore the beautiful simplicity of it. 

The symphony changes pace for "Dying Table", becoming a lot heavier and darker in terms of composition and of vocals. There is an introduction of electronic elements as well and together with the grinding guitar, pounding bass rhythm, crashing drums and growling vocals it is almost as though we are listening to a battle scene. Nevertheless the drama is still there, ending abruptly and allowing for a short interlude (the only silence for the whole half hour) before "Sonata" opens with a lovely yet melancholic violin introduction. 

However the drama comes to an epic climax once more for "Adagio of the Full Moon" and finally "Throne". Whilst "Adagio of the Full Moon" has more of a dreamlike style with violins, choir vocals and equally lovely vocals from Kamijo it is almost like a prelude to the final part of the symphony. 
"Adagio of the Full Moon" peaks at the close, then fades out, making way for the explosive opening of "Throne" which concludes the symphony brilliantly with a fantastic collaboration of fast beats, another chorus of violins, piano, and a final guitar composition that draws everything to a furious and satisfying end. 

"Symphony of The Vampire" will be released officially on the 5th of March in four editions, one regular and three limited editions.