18th March 2014


This is your first European tour, Are you excited?
Yoshihiko: I’m so looking forward to our first tour abroad! I will crush the language barrier by all means! 
Nao: I love Europe. I’m happy that we finally get to come. 
Kohsuke: We can go to all of those countries for the first time, so I try to imagine the reaction of each country’s audience. I am excited, but I’m also a little nervous. (laugh)
Kiri: I’m looking really forward to communicate with everyone through music, so our different mother tongues won’t be a problem.

Have any of you been outside of Japan before? On a holiday? If so where?
Yoshihiko: I haven’t been to EU before. 
Nao: I went to my older brother’s wedding in Slovenia once.   
Kohsuke: No way, basically, I barely leave my house… (laugh) 
Kiri: Actually, I haven’t abroad before for a private journey but we went to the United States twice for concerts. So I was honestly surprised about the power of overseas’ fans.  

Which country are you most looking forward to visiting?
Yoshihiko: I will enjoy all the cities and countries we will go to!
Nao: I am looking forward to all countries we will travel to. But especially for Slovenia.
Kohsuke: Since it was my Dad’s dream to go to Prague once, I’ll be happy to go there too. He even asked for a souvenir from the Moldova, when I told him about the concert there.(laugh) Furthermore, I’m curious about Warsaw because it was in my favourite drama lately. 
Kiri: I am looking forward to the whole journey because I’m really curious to have a look at the different landscapes and street views that we will  be able to enjoy. It will be so different to Japan, I guess. 

Will you be collecting any souvenirs from your shows? Anything to take home to family and friends?
Yoshihiko: Probably, I’ll buy it on our last day… so give me some recommendations please! 
Nao: If we have time… (laugh)
Kohsuke: As already mentioned before, I want to buy something in Czech. I need a souvenir with the name of the river Moldova written on it. (laugh) 
Kiri: I will probably buy something just before going back home to Japan. I have no idea what goods are sold so I will decide when I visit one of the local stores. I’m looking forward to it. 

Is there anything specific you need to take on tour with you? Anything you can't leave home or Japan without?
Yoshihiko: cough drops. (laugh) 
Nao: My iPhone.
Kohsuke: Eye drops.
Kiri: Since I don’t really get hooked on things, there is nothing in particular… 

How do you feel your music has progressed over the years?
Yoshihiko: I wonder if we really changed that much. heidi. is a band that can produce various tunes and melodies. We want to continue to progress, so we want to be a band that will also create some new sounds in the future. 

Is there anything you want to try or experiment with?
Yoshihiko: With loud stuff… 
Nao: With some crunchy scratching .
Kohsuke: I want to experiment with some loud new sounds and with some electronic music. I always want to try out things that I haven’t been doing before (laugh) 
Kiri: I’d like to arrange heidi.’s music as a club mix. That would be really interesting.

Last year you were involved in a "hide tribute album", how did it feel to part of that project? Did you get to choose the song you covered?
Yoshihiko: It was unanimity. 
Nao: hide was simply an awesome artist, so it was a great honour to be part of this project. The song we performed was the first song that we have covered from hide.
Kohsuke: We decided on the song all together. It was a really great honour for us.
Kiri: I can also only say the same things. I really respect hide as artist and I think it was a great honour to be part of the hide tribute project. 

Do you have a new album on the way? If so what can the fans expect this time round?
Nao: We’ve just announced out upcoming album “Human”. Be sure to look forward to it!
Yoshihiko: It was kinda made out of sorrow, I guess?!
Kohsuke: You will just think it’s really heidi.-like.
Kiri: We are right in the middle of recording the new album, but it will show you a deep and intense heidi.

Do you have a song you're most excited for the fans to hear live?
Yoshihiko: “Kanata” – because it’s able to expose true feelings.
Nao: Currently I like “Glide”, because it’s a great feeling to play it.
Kohsuke: “Omaesan” because you can enjoy it without thinking about anything. 
Kiri: I don’t have a favourite. I like ballads with a slow tempo because it’s easy to become emotional. But I also like playing an intense song of course.

If you could tour with any band, who would it be?
Yoshihiko: NoGoD.
Nao: If for Europe, it would be great to be with our friends girugamesh! (laugh) 
Kohsuke: girugamesh, SIAM SHADE
Kiri: If the members of GLAY would be interested, it would be awesome to have a live together since I personally like them too.

Who are you currently listening to most at the moment? Do you have a favourite song or artist?
Yoshihiko: I am currently studying European artists… 
Nao: As for European artists, I really like MUSE.
Kohsuke: I agree, MUSE are great! 
Kiri: Yes, I also listen to MUSE. 

Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves that your fans might not know?
Yoshihiko: I laugh a lot!! 
Nao: I am sensitive to the cold. (laugh) 
Ko: Such things that are unknown are really delicate… (laugh)
Kiri: When I’m drunk, I seem to be a totally different person! 

Finally a message to your fans in the UK...
Yoshihiko: Wait for us! We will show you heidi.’s way of life! 
Nao: I’m sorry that we cannot come to the UK this time but I hope we will go there some day. Please be looking forward to that time! 
Ko: Call for us and let us hear your voices, so will find our way to make your wish come true!
Kiri: Unfortunately we cannot visit you this time but I really want to go to your country one day! I’m really looking forward to meeting you in the future. So please keep supporting us!