Bad outfits, Lady Gaga and...Chicken?!

Hangry&Angry talk to Kirin about what rattles them...

Where did Hangry&Angry come from?

Hangry&Angry started as a project by h.naoto, for the fashion, then started to make the music also...


If you could choose one song that captured what Hangry&Angry were about, what would it be?

It would probably be…Kill me Kiss Me, because it was our first single.


What is your favourite song to perform live?

Lady Madonna! We get to choreograph a dance with the fans and involve the audience so we like that song a lot.


Hangry&Angry are famously linked to the world of fashion, can you remember ever wearing anything that looked bad?

Angry: Oh...I remember wearing a patterned top once with matching patterned trousers...they were the same pattern in one whole outfit…that wasn't very nice...


How do you think the fans now compare to the ones you have from Morning Musume?

Angry: we would like to know how the fans feel about the changes, at the signing session some fans brought the photobook from a Morning Musume tour. So we would like to ask both of you what the fans think about our change?

KW: I think the majority of your fans are very accepting and carry on following, because most of them may have become fans in Morning Musume and grown up alongside the two of you through your careers…

Hangry&Angry: That’s great! Thank you!


What artists are you currently listening to the most on your ipods?

Hangry: Michael Jackson

Angry: Lady GaGa


Hangry&Angry are known for being very passionate about their beliefs, what things do you love and hate the most?

Hangry: I love running, but I don't like Jet-Coasters (Rollercoasters)

Angry: It is hard to explain...I don't like live birds...birds that are alive and fly but I love to eat chicken.


How have you been spending your time in London so far?

Hangry: I went for a run round Regents Park and I had so much fun!

Angry: I went shopping. In Camden where I bought my t-shirt that I’m wearing now.


Do you have any anticipations for tomorrow’s live? What do you think the fans will be like?

Hangy: We think the fans will have a really good time, and will 'rock on'!

Angry: Yesterday we did the signing at Tokyo Toys, and it was good to see all the people there and we can't wait to see them again.


KW: Nervous?

Hangry: Oh no not at all! We are really looking forward to it.


Would you like to send a quick message to your fans in the UK?

We are happy to be here in London and Europe, this is our first European tour. And we're gonna have a great show, we are looking forward to everything and everyone being there! Thank you so much!