Camden Underworld
27th May 2010
Written by Elizabeth Flanagan
Photography by Lorna Ransome

1 - Top Secret
2 - Sadistic Dance
3 - Mr. Monkey
4 - Romantic ni Violence
5 - GIZA GIZA (crash berlin ver)
6 - Shake Me
8 - Angelia
9 - Lady Madonna
10 - Kill Me Kiss Me

The Peace! (h&A Death Tracks)

For those of you who are accustomed to queuing at Camden’s Underworld venue, to know that there was a stretch of people that not only reached the corner of neighbouring ‘The World’s End’ pub, but encircling it right towards the end of the street behind might actually shock. A fair few hundred people, waiting just for a duo of two tiny-yet-massive Japanese girls.

A video projection of the girls’ history is engrossed onto the wall to stage right. A history of Morning Musume (The girls’ original rite of passage into music) streams through the room, fans screaming slogans at bricks and mortar, and just pure screaming whenever either of the two girls’ faces appear on them. Showing their activities outside of Morning Musume and Hangry&Angry, the video epitomises the full background of this duo’s efforts towards success. With a full run down of their performances and travels around the world, some die-hard fans within the crowd are even able to spot themselves on the VT.

“And Now… They are here.”

The girls enter on their key hit ‘Top Secret’, admittedly, one of this writer’s favourite songs by the pair. With timeless energy and spot-on mastery, its questionable as to whether the girls learnt their skills from their time in Morning Musume, or whether they just have ‘It’. Either way… the crowd was up and ready, and the girls lapped up their energy.

Hangry with her smouldering stare that smoothed across the faces of the entire room, completely balanced with the femme fatale attraction of Angry, the duo drag their fans into a evening filled with fun and awe.

By ‘Mr. Monkey’, the crowd has become completely entranced by the girls (and their ever so cool female DJ behind) into a frenzy of demand. They want more, and yet Hangry & Angry still seem to bound with vigour. They never seem to stop, even on a small stage such as Underworld’s. At most times, it’s actually hard to hear what the pair are singing, not due to a bad sound check (for a change)… but because of the crowd. They know what they have come for, and they are here to do it. To sing, to dance, to basically have fun. And from what it seems, they totally did.

Later, ‘Lady Madonna’ sees the duo bring out their infamous purple feather fans, and lo and behold, so do the fans. A fury of purple drives through the darkness as the words are chanted and the feathers fly in all directions. A choreographed sequence that seems almost cultish. Execution is move-perfect by the two, proving that they give their all into their performance. Their smiles as they hear their names being screamed in the U.K are almost as adorable as the fans’ faces, like children brought to a free sweet shop.

As the show closes, Hangry & Angry return to the stage, not to perform the typical encore, but instead to perform a Q & A section with their fans. Their touring translator takes the stage with them in order to do the translation, which at some point, leaves a few fans in tears being faced with the opportunity to speak to them. All in all, this goes well, their merch seemed to sell well. And overall… a good night for two Japanese girls, a hell of lot of British people… and one reporter.

If Hangry & Angry return, and you like/can stand female pop music, then its well worth a visit. If not… then you’re missing out B.I.G time.