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5th March 2014
Written by Rachel Yarwood

The anticipated second single from Gremlins is another great release from Hitsugi and KENZO. "Yue" mixes both traditional Japanese elements and classical notes to modern rock and dance which, so early on for their side project, impresses as much as it will intrigue you for what will be coming next. 
The mood of "Yue" begins rather enticing as the flute, pounding drum beats and then Hitsugi's smooth vocals for the opening verse gives you a seductive atmosphere. Then as the chorus takes over, the energy exudes, introducing more of a dance-rock element that is vibrant and fun to listen to. 
KENZO's drumming is excellent through out. The tempo giving a continuous dramatic tone to "Yue", whether it is the singular thumping beat resonating between the melodies or the intensity of the crashing of the cymbals for the chorus, the percussion element of this track is lively and most effective. 
Gremlins' release offers two other new tracks, "Fellow Traveler" and"Bereavement", but for many it is the final song that (before the release date) was interesting. 
It is difficult to satisfy everyone with a cover song and Gremlins' cover of hide's "Honey Blade" will of course either impress you or it won't. Although it may sound a little too overpowering in certain places it probably shouldn't, this cover is pretty good as they don't try to sound too much like the original but keep to their own style and the style of the single overall.
"Yue" will be released officially on the 5th of March.