We caught the girls from exist trace before their debut show at the ULU.

Thank you Midori for all your hard work!

Can you give a brief explanation of who Exist Trace are, and what Exist Trace means to you all individually?

Miko: We are an all girl band, and to explain it in one way, life and death.

Jyou: I like to sing, and I hope that people will respect my music. I hope that people worldwide can listen.

Mally: I wish that people in England will come and see us live and so will the rest of the world.

Naoto: Every band member will have the greatest live, we have all been good friends. It is not only the music, it is how we express ourselves onstage.

Omi: We are happy that we get to reach to all the people in the world. I’m very happy to be here to play in England.

Miko: I wish that people listen to the band. Because one day we will die and after say 100 years we would like someone to remember Exist Trace and tell their friends about what we did.


What would you say has been your hardest challenge to overcome as a band?

Jyou: I started singing and I was trying to hide myself, who I was, that I was a woman. But when you listened to me sing, you realised that I was a girl and I did sound like a woman. I felt that this would be held against me, but when we went to Europe I found it didn’t matter, it was the music that mattered and not the fact I was a girl, which made us stronger.


Many bands already have their futures planned, what’s in the future for you girls?

Mally: Each of us have our own goals, we are all women so we do wish to have babies of course. The plan is for all 5 of us to have our babies at the same time, so that we can all be mothers together and our children be raised at the same time. After that we will join back together as ‘Mamas’. (KW: And make Baby Exist Trace?- To which they all laugh and agree!)


When you started Exist Trace did you immediately decide which genre you would be like… or do you feel placed into one?

(*All members immediately point to Naoto to answer*)

Naoto: I was very interested in Gothic Metal, when I saw the advertisements for the band, they had already listed themselves as ‘Gothic Metal’.


Would you class each of your fashion styles as unique or do you get outside influences such as fashion icons?

Mally: We all design our clothes ourselves, and each person has a different personality. So we all try to work with each other’s tastes and try to style it to our new release also.


Rock music and screaming vocals are usually seen in all-male bands, why do you think your music stands out for UK fans from all the generic male bands that come?

Omi: It doesn’t really matter because we are all friends, so it doesn’t seem any different to being in a male band. We make our music and when people ask about the fact we are girls, we realise OH! We ARE girls! We sometimes forget…


What are you expecting from your debut tonight?

Jyou: We want a special show, Voices, SO many voices. Love and Power. (KW:You’ll get it. - *Quick sigh of relief and laughter*)


Who knows how to rock better- boys or girls?

(*Very long debate about who IS better*)

Naoto: It doesn’t matter if its boys or girls! Be who you want!


Finally, would you like to send a message to your UK fans?

Jyou: Konnichiwa (KW: Even -I- know what that means! *More laughter!*) We are very happy to play in London, after longing to play here, after this, we will try to make the best of all we can so we can see you another time! We have very high expectations!