After a successful show at Derby's
J Culturecon 
Kirin Works heard from dobly!

Can you introduce yourselves and tell us how Dobly started?

dobly are Rie (vocal, guitar) & Hide (vocal, guitar, drums).

Rie met Hide when she wanted to do something more acoustic in simplar form and Hide also had same interest.

At first we were playing acoustic set till we met a gobsmacking super bassist, then we started enjoying playing in a band, too.

Fortunately we had many characteristic musician friends around so we do gigs with different players and enjoy the chemistry each time.


What is the origin of the name Dobly?

Hide: the name dobly came from the film "this is spinal tap".  The clueless girlfriend of the vocalist attends a band meeting univited, and suggests to record the next track with "dobly".  obviously she should mean dolby - the noise reduction system created by Sony.  There was a laugh.  We just love the film.


You recently played in Derby, how was the show for you?

Hide: We enjoyed it very much.  Simply it was a nice experience.  Friendly staff, great audience and the other band players were nice, too.  We enjoyed the whole thing.


Who are your major influences within the music industry?

Hide: Nick Drake, Elliot Smith, MBV, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Umeko Ando and Rie's home town Chigasaki.


How would you describe your relationship with your music and how it affects your day to day life?

Hide: Music is helping us going through life.  It's also like wrting a diary, reassuring what we are thinking or feeling at some stage of life.  If someone liked waht we're doing, we are really happy.


Given the chance that you could perform anywhere you liked, where would you choose and why?

Hide: In woods near Buxton, it must be fun & chilling.


Hide - you wanted to be a drummer like Lars Ulrich once? Why did you give up on that idea?

Hide: I used to listen to heavy metals and Metallica was my favourite. I fell in love with his drumming and wanted be like him, speak like him, play the drums like him till I saw a stupid photo of him. At the same time I started listening to other sorts of music. My current favourite is the drummer who plays with Nuno Bettencourt.


If you could collaborate with any band or solo artist, who would you choose and why?

Hide: don't know, but want to listen what it sounds like if Thom Yorke or Chris Martin sang our stuff. oh, it's only a dream....


You can be invisible for one day, what would you do and why?

Hide: help a magician and show the greatest trick ever.


Finally a message for your UK Fans...

Hide: thank you for listening, we'll be pursuing better chillingness, if you enjoy it, that'll be great.