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Game of Love
Devilish Eyes

Game of Love
Written by Rachel Yarwood

Anli Pollicino have released their third maxi-single "Game of Love", officially on the 2nd November, which comes with three new tracks entitled "Game of Love", "Dear" and "Nightfall".
"Game of Love", the first and title track, seems to be heading for a totally different sound. From the very beginning you realise that this is not going to be anything like what we have heard from the band from the last couple of single releases.
Instead of a heavy (bordering on being metal) introduction, this song instead starts with an upbeat rhythm from the drums (Kiyozumi) and guitar (Takuma and Yo-1), followed closely by synth, which brings in this slight pop element.
The vocals from Shindy, strangely enough seem to adapt to the song very well. Even with the more pop element that is seeping though from the synth in the background, Shindy's vocals fit very well with the overall style of this new track, and the new sound that Anli Pollicino are playing with in this new single.
The second track on the single, "Dear,” begins with a pleasant piano introduction, which continues as Shindy starts with the first verse.
"Dear", unlike the rock and pop sense that we have with the first track, is instead a ballad song and you may just be inclined to think, or rather be reminded, that Christmas is soon on it's way. This track certainly has that type of factor that would rank it up there along with the other more festive sounding songs.
On the other hand, the ballad element that we have here is balanced perfectly as we head into the instrumental part of "Dear", the guitar solo one that is slow, fitting completely with the whole style, but at the same time giving the song a wonderful boost.
After the first few maxi-singles this year, perhaps fans will be split over this new addition, however it cannot be denied that "Game of Love" definitely shows how diverse a band Anli Pollicino are now showing they can be. 

Devilish Eyes
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Anli Pollicino, a band which formed in 2006, have been continuously stealing the attention of music fans with their collaborative style of metal meets theatrical rock.
The release of their debut mini-album "Fahrenheit31" and a short overseas tour in Europe in 2009, meant that the band had begun to break through the Western barrier, increasing their popularity not just in the East alone.
"Devilish Eyes" is Anli Pollicino's second maxi-single, their sixth single overall, and is due for official release on the 17th August. This newest release from the five piece comes with three brand new tracks in total; "Devilish Eyes", "Raspberry Skit" and "Anonymous".
"Devilish Eyes", the first track on the single, begins with a mass noise of metal goodness. This song takes no prisoners and grabs our sole attention with deep solid riffs from Yo-1 and Takuma (guitar) and a remarkably powerful beat from Kiyozumi (drums) which launches us straight in rather spectacularly.
The bass from Masatoshi also, stays consistently strong through out the song, and so unmistakably bold which together gives "Devilish Eyes" this tremendously fierce and outstanding rhythm.
Shindy (vocals) is the exception to this, giving us a taste of the more theatrical side of the band. The two extremes, between metal and melody, are perfectly balanced as Shindy offsets the heaviness with a pleasant yet confident vocal range.
The second song on the release, “Raspberry Skit", leans more towards a heavy rock element. This one is not as dominant in respect to the relentless guitar compositions and the unwavering drumbeat, but rather this one is catchier, upbeat, and with a jazzier element to it.
Notably, the bass takes precedence here, especially during the verses in which Masatoshi is unequivocally faultless with his skills. There is yet more focus during the instrumental before switching rather naturally to a guitar centrepiece, the transition one of innate brilliance.
"Anonymous", confuses us slightly with a softer introduction including violins, but underlying there is also this dim hum of guitars that threaten a different side to the song completely.
Of course we are then greeted by the wonderfully deep roar of the guitars, plus the drums and the bass together giving us this remarkable upbeat quality again, taking us back to the more metal aspect, which we heard with "Devilish Eyes". 
There is no solo per se, but as Shindy screams the lyrics "I want to die!", we are hit with an instrumental that would invite utter chaos at a live show.
"Anonymous" neatly wraps this release up and as a whole this single is a great follow on from their last single "Rondo".
Hopefully with the increase of popularity here in the West, and with the continued support from European interest, we shall be seeing and hearing more of Anli Pollicino. They are definitely not a band to miss out on. 


Written by Keita-Eiri Uesugi
Anli Pollicino is a five-piece band that last year toured through Europe towards the end of May, through to the beginning of June, if you haven’t heard of them yet, it’s pretty certain it won’t be long before you do! Their new single “Rondo” released on June 8th consists of three tracks altogether.
The title track begins with raw and unaltered guitar strumming, before bass rumbles in, drums flying heavily on top; synth sounds somewhat violin-like before all dies down to greet Shindy’s vocals to the song.
Although it is the guitars that begin “Rondo” one member that stands out, especially in the verse work, is bassist Masatoshi. His bass resonates through the back of the song with such smooth ease; it is rather beautiful to hear the sound so clearly. Whether it’s a short couple of notes behind Shindy’s vocals, or a succession of notes one after another bridging together parts of the song, the overall sound is brilliant none-the-less.
Yo-1 and Takuma take the helm with the guitars; the sound isn’t crisp, but it doesn’t matter, because the overall raw sound emitted from their strings is pleasant. Their riffs are catchy, the pace varied through verse to chorus to solo. They really do have a live feel to their playing, with that natural screech to some notes, to the pure electric sound guitars have. Alongside Masatoshi, especially though the second verse, where the sound is somewhat tranquil and twinkly and then there is the mild jazz-like feel, which is laid out through the solo.
Drummer Kiyozumi gives a funky beat of which coincides cleanly with the low rumbles of the bass. The drum-line is not too quick, but certainly not slow, and the pounding on the bass drum and piercing sting of the cymbals boosts the heavier rock sound of the track.
On vocals is Shindy of whose voice is somewhat soft and innocent in tone; with a sweeter tone rippling at the end of the longer notes (which he manages to hold well), there is a certainly a gentle and carefree aspect to his singing. There is a lot of soft emotion in his voice, and you can feel this in his lyrics, especially as the song progresses to its final chorus.
The instruments take on one last brawl in the final seconds of the song, ending on a last strum of guitars, bass and cymbal smash.
The maxi-single comes with two other tracks. With Malignant Narcissism being very heavy and full of bass and deeper sounds, repetitive guitar strums and you can’t ignore the roared vocals and rolling beat you can head-bang along too. Colors has a more joyous feel, with a happy-go-lucky feel, cheery vocals and a funky beat.
” Rondo” expresses so much of the bands abilities and so much variety in terms of how heavy or how soft they can actually go with their sound. Their next release is entitled “Devilish Eyes” and is set to be released on August 17th.  If this single is anything to go by, then Anli Pollicino is certainly a band to watch out for…