An Cafe


 14th June 2013
Bee Myself, Bee Yourself
Written by Rachel Yarwood

 "Bee Myself, Bee Yourself" is the pleasantly upbeat new single from     Oshare Kei band An Cafe. 
  There are a couple of things that really stand out with the title        track,   of the same name, which are the catchy bass rhythms from  Kanon  and the ever interesting synthesiser elements from Yuuki.  The  synthesiser especially keeps the melody flowing brilliantly and  the  mix of styles Yuuki works with in this track really boost "Bee  Myself,  Bee Yourself", helping to keep the bright and cheerful tone  on a high,  with a collaboration of game style quirks with the more  natural  sounding piano. 
The vocals from Miku are also consistent through out "Bee Myself, Bee Yourself", they certainly have a nice flow to them, as his singing for this track remain steady but arguably not as emotional, or perhaps missing a certain flair to his voice, as we might have been hoping for. 
The second track on this single release is a re-recorded version of "Tekesuta Kousen", or as it is now entitled, "Tekesuta Kousen -Anti-aging ver-". 
It's not clear just where An Cafe were heading towards with this track with a title such as it is and it is possible that it will divide opinions. 
Notably the original oomph quality that we have with the original isn't quite there with this new version as it doesn't sound as tenacious and much like "Bee Myself, Bee Yourself" is very steady in tone. 
Overall the band has managed to create a release with a charming quality with the addition of a pop-rock flare.
"Bee Myself, Bee Yourself" will be released officially on the 12th of June in two editions in total; Regular and Limited. 
Both editions will come with four tracks in total which are the two mentioned plus the instrumentals for both. The Limited edition will come with a bonus DVD.