Written by Rachel Yarwood
Visual kei duo ZUCK, consisting of vocalist Yu and guitarist Tsukasa, announced the release of their second single “MONSTER“ for the 7th of March.
"Monster", certainly takes fans on a wonderfully melodic and slightly crazy musical adventure from beginning to end, even the accompanying music video itself is vibrant with creativity. 
This new song, which was co-produced by Janne Da Arc's Kiyo, starts us off with plenty of rhythm and melody. It is fast paced, energetic and has more of a hard-rock sound, though as Yu begins with his first verse, this pace slows just ever so slightly to be replaced instead by the highly melodic yet perfectly balancing vocals. The pop essence that comes through from Yu does not seem to harm the heavier rhythms going on. Instead the compositions, together with the vocals, are very stylish and compliment each other very well. 
The darker quality bounces back after the chorus and again as the instrumental gives way for Tsukasa's solo. This too, full of colourful melody, is an interesting and exciting guitar piece perfect against the more heavier background instruments you can hear. 
The drumming is especially noticeable as it leads the way with a terrific thumping beat, particularly for the instrumental, where it becomes simply the kick drum alone giving us a chance to hear the bass become more prominent with its fantastic low key and consistent underlying rhythm. 
The accompanying music video also has some rather interesting stuff going on which is certain to keep your eyes fixated to your screen. 
Set in what looks like an old dance studio, there are some great band shots of not just Yu and Tsukasa but of their supporting musicians as well. Amongst these, and the couple of costume changes, there is also the prisoner being tormented by the seemingly 'monster' of the video... and not to ruin it for you, but of course he gets rescued in the end... 
"Monster" will be released in two editions, the Regular and the Limited edition. 
The Regular Edition will come with an added extra song, whilst the Limited Edition will comes with a bonus DVD containing video clips and making-of footage.