Earls Court 2
27th July 2013
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Photography by Mike Yarwood
The music line up for the Summer Hyper Japan this year saw an interesting twist of genres. The first is Yun*Chi, a bright and bubbly fashion and pop icon, brought her wonderfully cheerful and upbeat songs to the weekend convention.

Earls Court 2 doesn't feel as large compared to the last couple of years, but this could be because only half of the hall is actually being used. Leaving a sparse feeling when you venture down to the back towards the main stage (A makeshift wall).

Yun*Chi certainly lifts the atmosphere with her presence and smile alone, as she finishes her judging of the fashion show, takes the microphone centre stage in a beautiful and quirky kimono style outfit and platforms to begin her live performance. 
The background screen that hangs overhead changes from the Hyper Japan logo and focuses on Yun*Chi solo onstage as she starts by trying to encourage some motion from the audience saying "This (first) song is good to dance to... if you can... get up and dance!"
If the temptation of the rows upon rows of chairs had not been there, there surely would have been at least a few more bodies moving along to the music other than those right by the stage, but as Yun*Chi herself would later say in her Question and Answer the UK audience today seemed "a little bit shy". 

As the show takes hold the music is chirpy, pleasant, and Yun*Chi entertains not just with the upbeat and colourful pop of her songs but with her stage presence as well. She becomes increasingly more comfortable with the large stage she has all to herself, unlike the day before where she had additional backing from IKP members, as she expertly dances and moves along to the rhythms. 

Along with the cuteness of the pop, there are additional elements with electronica made all the more exciting with images of the animes that she has produced songs for. Her voice is flawless, and other than the breaths between lines and the short but sweet moments between songs as she talks to the audience, you really could be fooled into believing you were listening to the albums and singles themselves. 

Yun*Chi's final song was introduced this time with a more generous annotation as this one seemed to hold a strong meaning for her. 

"Waon - with IroKoKoro Project" is a song that Yun*Chi and her producer created collaborating with 'IroKoKoro Project' who are a community of girls worldwide interested in Japanese culture, fashion and music. 

The back screen now changes and we have a collaboration of videos, fashioned as video links, of girls from around the globe singing to the song. The idea in itself is an interesting one, that for this instance has worked with great effect. "Waon" is a lovely song, again upbeat with added electronica and twinkling melodies, a catchy chorus and the sense of wholeness of the girls and Yun*Chi are both intriguing and commendable. 

Yun*Chi's performance today was fun and cleverly fit between the fashion shows which she herself took part in. The sound quality was exceptional and even though the stage was a little sparse and void of colour, Yun*Chi entertained with charm and enthusiasm enough to brighten anyone's day.