Q & A @ Hyper japan 2013


Kirin Works took part in a question and answer session with Yun*chi at this years Hyper Japan...

KW: Welcome to the UK! How did you enjoy your performance this morning? What was your highlight?
The thing I really liked and enjoyed about today, first of all, it's the first time that I have worn this outfit that I have got on today. It is designed to show off Japanese traditional culture, the kimono style, it is good that I can show this! 
Also the song I performed today which is a song from an anime program was another way that I could represent Japanese culture, and the anime culture, and finally one of the other songs I sang was created using with words from girls all over the world... it's very international and was great to use this in a song for today.
Other: Following from that, one of your songs was from an anime show, have you ever considered doing a song for a theme track on a video game?
Yeah... I have a lot of anime songs in my repertoire... and I play a lot of video games myself so if the opportunity came up and someone came to me with the idea then I would love to do that.
Other: Is there any particular game franchise?
I really like the old Japanese games like Nintendo but also the modern stuff as well like Animal Crossing! 
Other: In terms of fashion what do you think, and why do you think, it appeals to girls here in the UK? 
Since I came to Britain I have had the opportunity to talk to some of the British girls and what they said to me I was very happy about. They said to me that they really like when you have the really old traditional themes, which have been passed down for many years, and then mix that up with something new... the modern and contemporary style. I think that's similar to what I'm wearing today because I have the slightly traditional kimono style but you can also see that it has very Western, modern, and almost retro design to it. Also mixing that with the acrylic earrings that I have... so I think it's that mixing and collaboration of styles that makes it so great and why the British girls appreciate the Japanese so much.
Other: Do you have a favourite style from what you've seen today?
I really like the trend at the moment for mixing geek style things... the trendy with the nerd style. There a lot of people today wearing that style at the moment and I really like that.
Other: How does your fashion represent you and the music that you're creating. How does it describe you? 
Well as you can probably guess I get mistaken as a child sometimes with the way I dress and the way I look but what I really try to do with my image is create a cute image but also with a sexy look as well. I don't know if you have heard of a young girl anime character called Wakame-Chan? And what I had in my head was that if that character was to become a little bit more sexy, and a little bit more adult in her style, mix that together and touch things up here and there and that's the sort of thing that I try and do... the image that I try and portray for myself.
Other: Can I ask about the choice for opening your live with the theme tune for the anime Kare Kano?
The reason I chose to perform this as the first song was first of all because of all the songs in my repertoire I feel that it is probably the one that represents Japanese culture the best, and also because of all the people who have come to see me today I felt that it was the one that they would know the best.

Other: Are you actively trying to push your music in the European market and in the UK? Do you have any plans to release any songs over here?
Yes I would really like to but I don't actually have any plans at the moment!

Other: How about collaborating with other artists?
Yeah I would really like to be able to do that
Other: Just to follow that... do you have any one in mind that you would like to collaborate with?
There are just so many! I wouldn't be able to pick just one! 
Other: Could you tell us more about the track that you did with the girls around the world? Like where the idea came from... why did you collaborate with them and how did you go about making it possible?
It all started when one of my songs was put up on YouTube and was picked up by a group called the IroKoKoro Project who are a group of girls across the world. I saw a video of them singing to my music and we came together and discussed about making a song together. 
How we did this was we asked everyone to submit their favourite Japanese word and we used those to create the lyrics for the song itself and we really got a huge number of people sending in their favourite words. We picked out a selection of the most popular words from all of them and then to say thank you to the IKP girls we had them singing the chorus which you can see on the video.
Other: How do UK fans differ from your fans in Japan?
 Ah that's hard! I don't think there really are many differences but perhaps the fans here in the UK are a bit more shy, a bit more embarrassed in their personality maybe.
Other: Do you have any advice for girls here who are new to Japanese fashion or culture, those who are interested but are perhaps intimidated, on how to go into exploring the fashion and culture side of Japan?
-laughs- I don't think I'm that great a person to give advice to girls, I'm not that high a person! I think though that Japanese people really really like England and English people and want to know more about England so you just get to talk to them and get to know them... so just don't be so shy about it! Japanese people want to learn about you as well!
Other: Is this your first time in the UK and if so... what are your thoughts? Are you going to come back again?
Yes! This is my first time in the UK and I really would like to come back. Yesterday I had the chance to go and do some tourist things, go around and see the sights, and I saw Big Ben. I was just really excited and I actually think I had too much fun! I ended up buying one of those caps with 'London' written across it.
Other: Hyper Japan is a brilliant platform to introduce you and your music to the British scene. What are the three things that you would hope that the British audience who have seen you today and this weekend will take away, from this experience, to know about you and your music?
Oh! Only three?? (all laugh)
Obviously as my number one I would want everyone to come and sing together. If I could find a way to come again then I would want everyone to sing along, that would be great. I think that is it!
Other: I've noticed that a lot of K-Pop is creeping into the Japanese charts, they even do songs in Japanese, I was just wondering what your thoughts are on this?
I think that's really great that they will sing in Japanese. I am happy and proud that they want to do that, but I also think that when they sing in their native Korean that that sounds really great as well... really cool and excellent to me. Personally when I go to Karaoke I sing Korean songs!
KW: We know that your mother had a huge role in your love for music growing up, especially as a singer, but what else would you say are your inspirations?
I've always like music since I was really young so it's quite hard to pick out individual bits. But I remember very clearly the first time that I was recording and listening back to my own voice on my headphones and hearing all the really subtle things like the way you breath and thinking about the really small changes will change the way that something is expressed. I really felt great about that and I remember that as something of an inspiration. 
Other: What sort of things do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Playing computer games... I like drawing and watching films... cooking, going for walks, and reading manga! 
Thank you very much!