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9th April 2014
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Period", the new single release from Vistlip is a charming and playful sounding release. The opening track, also named "Period", is an upbeat and highly melodic piece that is in high abundance of pretty vocals, great background beats from Tohya's drums and appealing guitar riffs. 
"Period" is a very clean sounding track for the opening of the single and follows smoothly to the next track "Locoism" which continues along the same kind of line genre wise. 
On the other hand, the final track that features on the standard regular edition of this single release gives listeners something a little bit different. "aim" adds a dramatically heavier nature to this edition of the single and shows another side of Vistlip that you have not heard on the release so far. There is an electronic element and also a fantastic darker side coming through from the background vocals which all in all make this track a brilliant one to sum up the release with albeit not sounding much like the main two tracks. 
"Period" will be released officially on the 9th of April and it will come in three editions in total, a standard regular edition, a regular edition with bonus DVD and finally a limited edition.

3rd April 2013
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Chimera", Vistlip's second single release of the year, is an uplifting sounding single from the band. Along with the charming melodies and the lovely vocal work between Umi and Tomo, there is also a more serious tone behind the lyrics which are beautifully honest. 
As "Chimera" opens we have a simple yet dreamy piano introduction which continues to accompany the rest of the band and the vocals throughout the track. The guitars (Umi, Yuh)really help to reflect this dream-like atmosphere with their composition whilst the bass (Rui) and the drums (Tohya) bring in a slightly deeper tone to the song. This mix from the instruments certainly helps the lyrics which Tomo expresses strongly, just as the imagery from the music video compliments by switching from bright floral to greyscale deserts, the struggle in life but the desire to carry on.
The b-side tracks, on the Limited Edition of "Chimera", "Light up" and "inc." follow perfectly from the opening title track. 
"Light up" especially follows smoothly after "Chimera" as the two of them are quite similar in style. They are both upbeat and pleasant in sound although "Light up" is just that little bit more heavier on the guitars. 
"inc." brings more of a low key feel to the single. Tomo's gentle vocals, the acoustic guitar and the quieter percussions give the single an interesting and lovely, but perhaps also a suprising finish for the release. 
"Chimera" is a wonderful song and overall this single as a whole is a brilliant release which, with the news of the band's new album set for release in July, certainly adds to the anticipation.
"Chimera" will be released officially on the 3rd of April and in three editions in total; 'lipper', 'vister' and Limited Edition. 
The 'lipper' Edition will feature three tracks altogether, "Chimera", "Light up" and "System Down".
The 'vister' Edition will feature two tracks, "Chimera" and "Light up", and will also come with an additional DVD featuring the music video and the making-of of "Chimera". 
Finally, the Limited Edition will feature five tracks in total, the tracks already mentioned in this review plus the instrumental versions of "Chimera" and "Light up". This edition will also come with a deluxe booklet.

11th April 2012
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Recipe" is a beautiful, soft rock, new addition to Vistlip's ever growing discography. The band, who bring about a variety of different styles to the scene, seem to continuously strive to make each release more interesting than the last and this one is no exception to that pattern. 
This new song emphasizes more of a pop rock sound in the beginning with an energetic yet sweetly melodic vibe. Unfortunately, the bass (Rui) and the guitar compositions (Yuh and Umi) blend too well and is a little difficult to distinguish them separately as you would normally in a more heavier rock piece. However, all three seemingly work well together, building the melody gradually for the entrance of Tomo on vocals. 
Tomo's singing through out "Recipe" is both fresh and lively, contributing to the high amount of melody we can already hear from the string instruments, with strong and pleasant vocals. 
Along with the melody is also the energetic and invigorating beat from Tohya on drums. Keeping that pace perfectly from beginning to end, giving "Recipe" that little bit more of a rock edge by using a prominent but not overpowering beat, to blend with the softer side of this song. 
The accompanying music video to "Recipe" is a rather theatrical piece, set in what looks like a music hall with a simple black background and red draping material, with some nice additional footage of each member in contrasting scenic areas. 
"Recipe" will be set for official release on the 11th April and will come in three editions in total.   The Regular Edition will feature three tracks, "Recipe", "Einstein" and "Troy".  The first Limited Edition will feature "Recipe" and "Einstein", plus the music video to "Recipe" and the making of, whilst the second Limited Edition (Limited Release) will feature "Recipe", "Einstein", "The Surface (Re:Birth)" plus the instrumental tracks to the first two songs.