Thank you For all/ From the Beginning
28th January 2015
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Thank you for all" and "From the beginning" are the two main tracks on what will probably be the final release from band ViViD who have announced they will be disbanding in April this year.
"Thank you for all" is an upbeat yet slightly melancholic pop-rock track, especially when you think of the sentiment behind the release, however you find you can really enjoy listening to this song with its powerful melodies and charming vocals. 
There is a dramatic effect given not just through the lyrics and vocal quality of Shin's voice but also by the energy of the band as a whole. Especially so with the two guitar solos that add extra punch to the track, "Thank you for all" is a perfect track to celebrate, to sing along to and also to remember what this band has given over their years creating music together.
On the other hand "From the beginning" is that little bit more upbeat adding a less dispiriting heart to the single, and will leave fans in a surprisingly uplifted mood overall, a definite winner for their final curtain call. 
ViViD's single will be released officially on the 28th of January and it will come in three editions in total, each with their own bonus features.
24th April 2013
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Answer", the sixth release from visual kei band ViViD, has a very pleasant opening sound. The song is nice and upbeat with a good rhythm from the bass (Iv) and the drums (Ko-Ki) and equally lovely melodies from the instruments and the vocals (Shin).
Shin's vocals themselves have an exceptionally charming nature to them which do not falter once through out the single as a whole, even the third and final track which is a live track. 
The transition between verse and chorus in "Answer" has a particularly nice flow as the rhythm and the tone of the song does not alter too much, rather they remain quite steady for the majority. The bridge however does change the course of the track slightly bringing in a softer and rather lovely comparison to the upbeat quality we have heard so far. 
There is, disappointingly perhaps, no solo from either Reno or Ryoga on guitars although the lead guitar (Reno) does chip in here and there with some tantalising and skill-full  excerpts. These are highlighted very well and also aids to end "Answer" on a high spirits. 
 The closing track, "Real - (Live Version)", follows from the instrumental of "Answer". As a final song it really helps to leave things on a high note as opposed to if they had chosen the instrumental track as the finishing piece. You can really hear that this is a live track as the instruments definitely have that more raw quality, especially the grind of the guitars, that you have when seeing a band perform in person which makes this almost believable that you are also there. 
"Answer" will be released officially on the 24th of April in two editions in total which are a Regular Edition and a Limited Edition. The Regular Edition will feature the three tracks as mentioned whereas the Limited Edition will feature the same songs but will also come with a photo booklet plus six trading cards and a randomly selected picture label.