Kamijo - Versailles 2011

Kirin Works spoke to Kamijo before Versailles played their second show at the O2 Academy in London...

Welcome back to the UK! How does it feel to return?

It is a really good feeling to come back to all our fans.


What most excites you about this tour?

There are now six members in Versailles, our first tour with Masashi as the sixth.


What do you expect from the fans tonight?

We want everyone to enjoy the new songs and tracks from our latest album.


Do you have a favourite track to play live from the new album?

Vampire of course...


You've been in England an extra day this year, how did you spend that day?

We had a three-hour wait in the passport check…we don’t know why but we wanted to see a Temple and because of the wait…we couldn’t.


Is there anything you do before you go onto the stage? A routine?

Since I am a vampire, I always brush my teeth before I go on stage.


Which artists would you recommend?

The Clash and Hans Zimmer


Last year you told KW where you would take someone on a date in London, where would you take them if you were back in Japan?

I would take the date to my house…but there would be no cooking involved


What is the thing you like most about England?

There is so much I don’t know about England, but the depth of the history is what makes England so fascinating compared to Japan. The jubilee is next year, and so are the Olympics, I’d love to take part in both.


Can you tell us a little bit about Holy Grail?

Holy Grail brings full circle to link with the beginning. It is futuristic and the past of every album so far. We mix between singing about the oldest and the latest periods of our theme.


Versailles are very influential to a lot of people in terms of fashion...is there an outfit you wish you'd never worn?

I hate the Destiny costume…it is a very heavy material and when I wear it there is little air.


Finally a message to your fans...

I am very pleased to do this experience and happy because we can share this with a new member. We wish to come back again and make it a third show, please wait for us to come back.