Kamijo - Versailles 2010

Dates, Eye colour and...Pineapples? Kamijo speaks to Kirin Works before their debut show in London!

Can you give us a basic introduction to Versailles, and tell us what is your favourite thing in life?

Kamijo - Versailles is a Victorian band, and I like roses… and our crowd forever.


What did you first think of England when you arrived?

Kamijo - I was impressed by the buildings. They are all old and historic.


From the side projects and previous bands has Versailles been your greatest achievement?

Kamijo - From Lareine to Versailles, all my bands have been my greatest achievements, I have no other projects that come close, Versailles is my life.


If you could go anywhere in London where would you go?

Kamijo - If you could go on a date with one of us, where would you like to go?

KW - Erm...maybe the London Eye...at night time?

Kamijo - Yes, me too!


So the show starts soon, how is everyone feeling?

Kamijo - We are sad we are not allowed to stay longer then today as we are leaving straight after the show... but in the show, I want to bite and drink the audiences blood, I love blood.


What is the strangest question you’ve ever been asked?

Kamijo - I want you to ask me the craziest and weirdest question…

KW - uhhhh… What is the best thing about pineapples?

Kamijo - Huh?! Erm...the rough skin? Everything? Why pineapples? You're crazy!


Which country you have visited has been the most enjoyable so far?

Kamijo - Maybe it will be England tonight...


Versailles have become style icons, what advice do you have for people who want to look/dress like you do?

Kamijo - It is inner beauty that is best, if you have a beautiful personality then you will be a beautiful person.


After the tragic passing of Jasmine You, did you think it would be the end?

Kamijo - Of course! It was very distressing and a very sad time for us all…


If you could change one thing in the world, what would you change?

Kamijo - My eye colour...I want to have blue eyes and don’t want to wear contact lenses.


Finally a message for your fans in the U.K?

Kamijo - I am looking forward to the show tonight, to seeing all Versailles fans and to hope we all have a good time together. And Thank you.