Versailles~Philharmonic Quintet~


Written by Rachel Yarwood
One of the most notable and inspirational qualities of Versailles music, with their albums and with their singles alike, is the way in which they tell a story with each song. 
For "Rose", this stereotype still follows, and the title track especially (also entitled "Rose") gives us a clean narrative not just with Kamijo's vocals, which are crisp and lyrical to fully compliment this melodic rock sound, but each instrument comes together naturally and beautifully to create another powerful rock song. 
Even though this track is another epitome of melodic symphonic metal, "Rose" does not seem to reach any climatic level. This is by no means a negative point to the song because what you actually gain from this is worth the steady pace which remains through out the song. 
The intensity of course is still there with the fast pace of the drums (Yuki) and it fully supports the deep rhythms of the bass (Masashi) and the heavy, melodic, guitar riffs (Teru, Hizaki) so well that one instrument never out classes the other. 
Up until the guitar solo that is. 
Guitar solos can either make or break the song; it will either benefit and take the track to the next level or you might wish the band had never written one in at all. 
With "Rose", this solo has been beautifully written. With the absence of all the other instruments, this solo works hard to keep us interested and it really does keep the interest there and holds it until the very last notes. 
"Rose" will officially be released on the 4th of July and it will be released in two editions in total.  The Regular Edition will feature four tracks in total; "Rose", "Ayakashi", "Love will be born again (Japanese Version)" and "The Red Carpet Day". The Limited Edition, entitled "Rose 5th Anniversary Box", will feature these four tracks plus a bonus DVD with a 'History' and live footage from their 2012 World Tour. This Limited Edition really is limited so make sure you bag your copy of this before it goes out of print!

Written by Keita Eiri-Uesugi
Versailles’ latest single release “Philia” will be the theme song for their upcoming mini drama series “Onegai Kanaeta Versailles. Will the band change from their comfort zone, or will it be the same as other releases?
The song opens with high powerful chords before Kamijo begins with vocals. In that sense, it gets to the heart of the song straight away without the lengthy wait often felt with their releases.
The skill cannot be doubted though; Teru and Hizaki charm us on guitar, their riffs fast and catchy. Sadly, the guitar playing mimics many other releases from the band, which gives them their predominant sound. Their technical skill is impressive though; their guitar solos say it all.
A credit to the band is newest member, Masashi. Coupled with Yuki on drums, the bass of the song is heavy against the melodic tones flickered throughout. They create this fast tempo that is difficult to keep up with, the force captured in their speed is somewhat impressive. Vocalist Kamijo, expresses adequate emotion in his voice compared to previous releases. His lyrics are clear and precise and his tempo is slower than that of the instruments.
The track bares many similarities to their previous releases, what with the band knowing what they are good at. But would it be too much to ask of them to leap from their surroundings and create something different, along the lines of “Zombie” perhaps?


DESTINY-The Lovers-
Written by Keita Eiri-Uesugi
As the only single released this year, “DESTINY -The Lovers-“is a long awaited release from the quintet and is the first single released with their new bassist.
Opening with ballad like vocals, with the sound of piano keys, the bass is introduced, provided by newest recruit Masashi. The guitarists (Hizaki and Teru) coincide impeccably well together as the instrumental begins (some might think the overall solo is a little too long…), one thrashing as hard as he can, then the other stepping in to match.
Yuki (on drums) has to then match up to the abilities of the two guitarists and he does so, laying down a quickened beat that brings the song together with ease.
Kamijo’s vocals start the piece in a typical ballad manner, slow and steady in tone through the verses before showing increased emotion and enthusiasm throughout the chorus, especially towards the end of the track when you can hear just how much emotion is being portrayed through his vocal work.
Versailles have managed to release a single that sounds like many other of their releases. It is difficult to see how their sound is improving when each new release is keeping to the same style instead of perhaps taking even a slight risk. However, saying this, “Destiny-The Lovers-“ is quintessentially the sound of Versailles that all their fans seem to love, and all in all they have created a rather beautiful song.