Earls Court 2
27th July 2013
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Photography by Mike Yarwood
The second act to take to the stage at Hyper Japan this year was Vaniru, who brought their emotionally charged 'romantic' rock to the stage over the course of the three days. The duo from the start showed the audience that they were going to show a clear clash of genre between the other musical performances this weekend. 

Moving to the 'sub stage' Vaniru were set to perform once more for Hyper Japan attendees with a short performance and question session. 
Whilst guitarist Yuto entered the stage in monochrome colours and vocalist Leoneil dressed wholly in black, chiffon, fur and platforms made his way to the microphone stand.

The slow tempo of the drums and the opening guitar composition did give off a slight 'new romantic' style that wouldn't have been too far off that genre movement of the 70's and 80's. As Leoneil began to sing there is also a gothic tone now added as he swayed and danced to the rhythm temptingly staring out into the audience as if to conjure a reaction or even hypnotise. 

Yuto on the other hand, completely opposing the subtle motions that Leoniel fashioned, took to the stage with great enthusiasm. For the smoother and down tempo sections of their songs he stood patiently by his own microphone, however for the more vivacious sections we see him swinging his body and his guitar around like a rock star. Yuto head-banged and jumped around the stage to the more heavier parts of the live show, occasionally taking position at the front of the stage to shred along the neck of his guitar, smiling all the while and clearly enjoying the attention he received. 

"Cosmic Night" ended Vaniru's live which finished the afternoon live off with a sensual, upbeat mood. Leoniel's vocals were emotional, at times serene, hinting at the romantic whilst all the while complimenting either the moodier atmosphere or the heavier rock element of their material expertly. 

Vaniru's debut performances here at Hyper Japan was just a small step but one with a promising impact. Set for another couple of shows around Asia this year, the duo have the UK in their minds as a possibility for the future, but for now Leoniel and Yuto have made their mark and left an unforgettable impression on those who saw them perform this Summer.