Q & A @ Hyper japan 2013


Kirin Works took part in a question and answer with Vaniru at this years Hyper Japan.

KW: Welcome to the UK! How did it feel for you guys to be performing in the UK for a British audience?
Leoneil: We were alive... we were passionate about it, it was great.

Other: You've said recently that a lot of people interpret your style in different ways. Could you give us an example of some of these styles?
Leoneil: Well people here, they interpret what they want to, they are free to interpret. It's really up to them.
Yuto: Our music has a lot of different aspects to it and people see things differently, so you've got people who hear our music and think 'Yeah that's really rock! or That's really metal!. Then there's the Japanese style, the Visual Kei, and a lot of people may see as a part of that genre but we really don't think about what people interpret our music as we just create what we create.
Other: How did you start your career as a duo?
Yuto: It was somewhat destiny we feel because we basically sat next to each other in restaurant... it was all by chance! 
KW: That's quite an interesting way you two met! Can you tell us something you find interesting about each other?
Yuto: Aaaah there's a lot I can say about him! 
(all laugh)
Yuto: Well, he has his image to maintain... it's ok for me... but I have to keep his image strong so I can't say too much. Especially since touring in Europe we've found ourselves sharing the same bed... but there's nothing strange about that!! (more laughing) Obviously because of that we've come closer together as people but sometimes I will turn over in the middle of the night and look over and his face will be so close to mine, really close together, and that's quite surprising.
Leoneil: I just think he's cute... he's really cute all of the time.
Other: What's the most favourite thing that you've done in London?
Leoneil: The live performance.
Other: What would you say is the best quality in each other as an artist?
Yuto: What I really respect about him is the way that he can see things in a certain way that I would never be able to get. He gets images in his head straight away and sees something so easily and I find that really amazing.
Leoneil: I don't know... what can I say about him? He is a bit of a mystery.
Other: If you could collaborate with any other artist, any one at all, who would you choose?
Leoneil: Chopin

Other: When you're writing music, is there a 50/50 collaboration? For example does one write the music and one the lyrics? 
Yuto: Each song that we make starts off with a vision, or a world that it inhabits, and it's very much Leoneil that creates that vision. Then after that we both work to make that into the final song.
Other: So who would you say are your influences? 
Leoneil: We really have a lot of inspirations from different places but I would say that electro music is one and one of the electro bands to make it in Japan was YMO so I would say they are. As a group when they introduced their electronic music to Japan that really broke free any limits of music, and the way you can create whole pieces of music by yourself on your own without all the extras, it really expanded people's vision.
Other: When did you start playing guitar? You seem really passionate about it when you play on stage.
LeoneilI can't really remember when I started! The guitar though is something that, when you talk about a live show, I really feel alive and as far as i'm concerned that is what it is... I feel alive. I can only express myself when I have my guitar in my hand. 
Other: What do you like to do in your down time? 
Yuto: There really is no difference between on time and down time with us. Personally though... I really like to be around animals and to play with animals!
Other: How long does it take you to get ready?
Yuto: Minutes...
Leoneil: Long time!
(everyone laughs as they were 15 minutes late for their Q&A...)
Other: How do you feel about Hyper Japan as an event?
Yuto: I think as we said on the main stage earlier... the thing about this event is that you have all these different artists and performers together in one place and that's not something that you normally get and we don't experience that in Japan. It's something fresh and new for us so it is quite exciting for us. Also it is the first place that has smelled so good whilst we have been performing! 
Other: What would you like the fans to remember from your live performances here at Hyper Japan?
Yuto: I think that if they could have something, I would want them to take our energy... our life energy because I get a lot back from them. If they went home feeling energised then I would be happy.
Other: Have you tried any of the English dishes whilst they have been here?
Leoneil: We haven't had any English dishes yet... but we would like to try some out
KW: Any particular British food would you like to try? 
Yuto: What is there?
KW: Fish an Chips maybe? ... gravy... or curry?
Yuto: Yeah those sound really good! Also I would like to try English sweets... I don't know much about those but I would like to try these out.
Other: Are there any tour plans for the rest of Europe?
Leoneil: In September we are going to Malaysia... so not in Europe yet. 
Other: What is the difference between the Japanese fans and the European fans?
Yuto: Well there is something about a lot of the Japanese fans, their culture, and their mentality that makes them generally a bit stand-offish to start with. Compared to the European fans they react straight away... they are more open and react naturally which I am happy about.
Other: What's your weirdest experience with a fan?
Yuto:  I think most of our fans are really nice towards and they behave really well so there are no particular strange or weird experiences.
Leoneil: Yeah most of them are sweet... some butter up to us a bit... so you have those type of fans. A bit quirky.
Other: Do you plan to perform in London again in the future?
Leoneil: If we get an opportunity to come here again then we would love to.
Yuto: There are obviously no concrete plans as yet but we would definitely like to come back again.

Thank you very much!