Run time: 55 minutes
Number of tracks: 13

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: 26th September 2013

Life On Mars?

Nothing accompanies an international tour better than the release of a new album as well. "SEX BLOOD ROCK'N'ROLL" will be released almost two weeks before VAMPS' debut show in London, which is enough time for fans to reacquaint themselves with some past favourites from the rock duo. Although it might be a little harder then you first thought when you realise you are facing not just a re-mastered album but an album that vocals wise has been re-recorded entirely in English. 
"SEX BLOOD ROCK 'N' ROLL" starts off brilliantly with "DEVIL SIDE" and it is not that much different from the original version. There is still the cheeky (or devilish!) side to this song which gives off plenty of feel good vibes for the beginning of the album. 
This is followed by "REDRUM" which is equally just as good especially with the great vocal work from Hyde with his harsher, throaty, growls that work really well with the heavier rock feel of the guitar composition. 
We then have a bit of a genre switch with "REVOLUTION" which is the first of the two 'remix' style tracks on the album. "HUNTING" is the second remix further on towards the end of the album. 
Both of these newly recorded tracks might cause a shift of opinion, when listening to the two of these it will probably prove hard deciding whether or not you actually like what has been done to them. Particularly "REVOLUTION" might only be called a 'remix' for the fact that VAMPS have included slight techno elements to the track which sound as though they have been thrown in for good measure rather than complimenting the already dance rock feel that we have with this song. 
If this does not bode well with your aural sense then the next several tracks will make up for it. "LOVE ADDICT" brings us a highly contagious beat and fantastic vocal work again whilst "ANGEL TRIP" too gives us that same undeniably catchy dance rock tone that makes this part of the album most favourable. 
"Life On Mars?" is probably the biggest surprise on the album as the only cover track, being of course one of David Bowie’s. VAMPS should be congratulated on choosing such an icon to cover for their new CD but this version might put a divide between fans on whether or not this song gets a replay. Hyde and K.A.Z have tried to combine both the surreal sound of Bowie and their own rock sound making the musical arrangement a bit more upbeat however the vocal work sounds too drawling, a little bit cringe worthy, overall making this track stick out like a sore thumb. 
On the other hand what small things you might not have liked can be forgiven with "MY FIRST LAST". The arrangement is beautiful with down tempo, near gorgeous, vocals and the mix of classic guitar with an element of eastern twist brings a different but charming alternative sound to the latter end of the album. 
Other than a few oddities here and there, "SEX BLOOD ROCK 'N' ROLL" is altogether an album worthy of praise that will suit the tastes of most VAMPS fans worldwide and seeing as this is now available on a grander scale than before, and completely in English, it will hopefully aid the duo in roping in a few more curious international fans as well. 
"SEX BLOOD ROCK 'N' ROLL" will be released officially on the 25th of September in three editions in total.