Kirin Works caught UnsraW just minutes before their debut perfomance in London's Scala...

Please introduce yourselves and tell us an interesting fact about you that your fans may not know.

Yuki, on vocals, and I have sensitive nipples...

Madoka on guitar, my nipples aren't sensitive I hate nipples.

I am Tetsu on guitar and I am a cherry boy

Jin, on bass...and I am a girl

I am Shou, i play drums and i like it when my ear is blown


We know that you guys have had a pretty hectic schedule, do you get to see much of the places you tour?

Yuki: Sadly, we do not get a chance to visit the cities we will visit...


Where are you most excited to play?

Yuki: London of course! ...I like all the girls


Yuki, you had a tough time with your illness not too long ago, do you feel fully recovered?

Yuki: I'm feeling very good now thank you.


How do you feel your style in fashion plays a role in your music?

Yuki: It has a very heavy influence, when listening to our music, look at what we wear and think about it


How would you define your style? Is there a particular genre you see yourselves a part of?

Tetsu: Jazz music! -laughs-

Yuki: No we see ourselves as visual


Do you have any musical inspirations?

Yuki: Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, David Bowie...Marilyn Manson


Where can you see yourselves heading in the next couple of years?

Yuki: Gods


If you were not in the music industry, what type of job would you see yourselves in?

Jin: We would be homeless

Yuki: Yes...homeless


This is your first time performing in the UK, what are you expecting from the show tonight and from the crowd?

Shou: -points to the crowd chanting next door- We want it just like this!


If you had the chance to cover one song by a band, who and what would you choose?

Yuki: Stone Sour's song "Through Glass"


And to finish, would you please give a final meesage to your fans?

Tetsu: I love you...

Yuki: I miss you...

Shou: I need you...

Madoka: Thank you!