Kirin Works managed to catch a quick chat with UCHUSENTAI NOIZ before their show at CLUB CITTA on the NEO VOLTAGE tour...

So this is our first time seeing UchuSentai NOIZ, what can we expect?

Angel Taka: You will have to wait and see! Expect a lot of peace and fun!


A friend of mine says that "NOIZ are Crazy!" Do a lot of people say this?

Masato: Yes, but we feel crazy is normal for us...so...Crazy is normal...and good.


What has been the most memorable performance?

Angel Taka: Everytime we perform it is memorable, each show is just as much fun as the others, so lets continue this!


What are your worst memories?

Yamato:  Taka always try to make himself the best at everything he does, all the time.

Masato: When I walked onto the stage in one show, I stood up in front of everyone and my pants fall down.

KW: You had underwear on right?

Masato: So it is more exciting...lets say I had no underwear on.

Kyo:  Because we tour so much, I have lost many girlfriends who can't keep up with me.

Angel Taka: Also! We were in the US and is it very hard to cross over lanes in the middle of the highway!


Do you have any special routine you do before you go onto stage?

Angel Taka: Before each show, we all drink just one red bull before we go onto stage!

Yamato: We gather round each other and express band power!

Masato: I always check my zipper...Once I played two hours on stage before I looked down and saw my zip was not done! So now I always check...


Do you have any inspiration when thinking of your next image?

Angel Taka: Our image is just what feels natural to us. We wear what we feel comfortable in.


Which bands from the UK have influenced you?

Angel Taka: From the UK...Sex Pistols? Radiohead..and Iron Maiden. Are they English or American? I like these...I think they are English...


Do you have anything to say to the UK fans?

Angel Taka:  We really want to play in the UK someday and we really hope that day will come soon! We have a special message in our comment to you, so please look at this!

Kyo: I want all the English girls to please wait for me until we get there!