First Jobs, Being Space Cadets, love & peace... UCHUSENTAI NOIZ Speak Exclusively to Kirin Works

Who are Uchusentai Noiz and what makes Uchusentai Noiz a great band to be in?

ANGEL: We are 5 nice guys who are pretty serious about bringing peace to the world with the power of music, although other than music we are a group of no good guys. Even though we are that kind of group, we put our life into our band activity, we are awesome group of no good guys.  Ossu! (Yo!)

KOTARO: People who protect peace and convey love. We will bring the supreme sensitivity to you.

KYO: We feel that we want to protect the peace on earth with the power of music. The best band who are able to think up something such as this.

MASATO: A pack of musical geniuses.  Every single sound we play will bring happiness all of the world.

YAMATO: Destructive force that's able to drive out ill-defined music that's lying around.


How did you all meet and how did you come to the conclusion of being a concept band?

ANGEL: I found the best idiots out of all of the world and I abducted them.

We wanted to protect the love and peace on Earth, and the Universe, that's why.

KOTARO: We met by attracting with the wavelength within our brains. I've always wanted to become a space ranger from when I was a child so that's why it became this concept.

KYO: I heard a voice in my head. Then I just abided by that.

MASATO: I was awakened by ANGEL-TAKA.

YAMATO: I was dispatched by the space dispatching services to protect Earth.


For those who haven't listened to your music before, how would you describe it?

ANGEL: I'll arrest you if you don't listen to our music!

KOTARO: It's wonderful music that at some time could be heavy or pop but is not hindered by any border. It will bring happiness to everyone.

KYO: Watch YouTube.

MASATO: If you are able to explain it, it isn’t music.  You'll understand if you listen to it.

YAMATO: Loud, heavy and digital punks.


What have you all been doing since your album release last year?

ANGEL: SEX (LIVE) of overflowing love

KOTARO: Lives and I was getting ready

KYO: I was thinking about peace on Earth and also how to spend fun times with girls.

MASATO: Lives that I can burn my life on.

YAMATO: Live, Live, Live.


What sort of jobs did you all have before you decided to settle as musicians?

ANGEL: Unworthy things that I can't say here!

KOTARO: I worked at a sushi restaurant.

KYO: I was selling dreams at a toy store! (laughs)

MASATO: I won't do anything other than be a musician and that's from here and on too.

YAMATO: McDonalds, green grocers, Teppan restaurant, carpenter, I did a lot…


What would you all say have been your biggest personal challenges to overcome?

ANGEL: A super surpassed type of sensitivity that made me surpass myself.  To become ANGEL-TAKA.

KOTARO: To search for my true self.

KYO: Heroes have some kind of  barrier that they need to surpass.

MASATO: Strength of the heart.

YAMATO: I was fighting with obesity.


Has being in a band brought you any more popularity with girls?


KOTARO: Of course!

KYO: Yes.

MASATO: Have no interest.

YAMATO: For some reason I've become popular with the guys!!!


What has been the highlight for each of you in your careers to date?

ANGEL: To have kidnapped these superb idiots who are the current members.

KOTARO: To live in the United States.

KYO: It's a secret until I see something a lot more amazing.

MASATO: The future from here and on.

YAMATO: My first live since I joined, the moment I get up on stage.


How do you think your music exposes the message you want to send to fans? Is there a specific style that interests you all?

ANGEL: LOVE  PEACE! The style that I really like is way too normal so unfortunately, it's missionary position.

KOTARO: Someone with oneness sensitivity. My favourite style is someone with a wonderful line from their waist to the hip.

KYO: Strong, fun, humanly, freely and also, as your own.

MASATO: People who don't like fun things don't exist.  Painful times, sad times, if you are able to get even a small amount of courage from our music, that makes me happy.

YAMATO: Love and peace.


Do you have a specific way as to how you write your songs?

ANGEL: I think about sex 24 hours a day, so I try to not  think about that while we are making songs.

KOTARO: None.  There are times I come up with the phrase first, the melody first or the intro first, it's always different.

KYO: None.

MASATO: If you make “absolutes” like that, that's why you can come up with only boring songs.  Freedom.  Just as you thought.

YAMATO: I won't sleep till one song is done.


Final message for the UK?

ANGEL: We'll definitely come see you so please wait for us! I going to believe that there are BABIES (BABY is the term used for NOIZ fans) waiting for us!

KOTARO: I'm interested in UK because it's a very spiritual country.

KYO: One day we'll come save the peace in the UK.

MASATO: One day, we'll make a UK live possible.  I don't know when it will be, but in the close future. I hope the highlight in the lives of those that listen to our music becomes the Uchu Sentai NOIZ's live.  Please wait for us.

YAMATO: Come get us!!