UchuSentai NOIZ - High Five


Run time: --
Number of tracks: 5

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: 2nd May 2012

High Five

Uchu Sentai NOIZ have given their fans on planet Earth another mini album to revel over. With only five tracks, "High Five" is small in terms of the actual run time, but with regards to the actual tracks themselves you will not be disappointed. 
"Kamui" is the first song on the album and the rather pyschotic laugh that first greets you could possibly warrant a slight heart attack if your volume is set too high! However the instruments then take over with a mass of fast paced guitar rhythms (Masato, Kotaro) and drum beats (Yamato), which all sounds like very serious heavy stuff as opposed to the more cheerful and cheeky side of the band, with a few electronic elements thrown in as well. 

The vocals is shared by guitarist Masato and lead vocalist Angel Taka, mixing a good dose of rap, growls and low key singing. For the verse especially the style of "Kamui" hits a funky note as well, as Kyo's bass lines offer a bouncy and rhythmic style to the already heavier rock atmosphere. 
There is no chirpy quality to this track. "Kamui"is a rapid and energetic beginning with intense rhythm from the guitars, a fiercly sound pace from the drums and deep vocal work. "Jewel", which is also the new and additional music video that you can view on the bonus DVD, gives back what melody you might have craved for with "Kamui". The chorus for this track notably slows a little in tempo and Angel Taka's vocals, plus Kotaro's guitar, are best highlighted in this section particularly. 

The increase of melodies continues more with the third track on the album "Shoegaze". Although there is still a heavy underlay of bass and drums, there is also a hefty amount of additional electronica that gives this song a bouncier and pop-rock element to completely offset the style of the opening to the album. 

Alongside this Angel Taka's vocal work also sounds like it has been 'electronified' which sounds really good mixed with the other attributes (the heavy and the pop) of the song. "Kanata" on the other hand changes the mood the album. There is a nice flow to this song, a good break in the album after the intensity of the first three tracks, with some soothing and deep vocals now from Angel Taka. 

The rhythm is still dark however as the guitars give off a slight grinding sound, the bass low and deep, as Yamato continues to keep the pace upbeat with double beats on the foot pedal.
"Kanata" smoothly fades into the final song on the album which is also entitled "High Five". 

"High Five" pulls us back in with the same sort of style as "Kamui"; fast and upbeat. Although a difference with "High Five" is the dramatic increase again of guitar melodies and also the lovely vocal harmony work between Angel Taka and the other members of the band. 

At just under three minutes long, "High Five" is the shortest track on the album, but packs a whole lot of attitude all the same and concludes the album with a sense of satisfying neatness. 
Altogether, "High Five" is an album that gives. It may only be five songs, but the array of styles have been used with fantastic skill so much so that, no matter what style of Uchu Sentai NOIZ you have taken a particular liking to with each release, there will be at least one song on there that is bound to fulfill your hopes of the band and create anticipation for their full upcoming album "Meteors"...