UchuSentai NOIZ


17th July 2013
Written by Rachel Yarwood
As "PRECOG" opens you feel as though you have been thrown head first into a scene of The Matrix. With a hybrid of vocaloid vocals (Angel-Taka), rapid electronics, a pounding rhythm on the bass (Kyo) and brutal shredding on the guitars (Masato, Kotaro) to greet you, you really cannot help but feel impressed and perhaps just a little surprised by the level of vigour that should now be blasting from your speakers. Loud is definitely better. 
The collaboration of the electronic elements and the heavier rock of the instrumentation make "PRECOG" a powerful and intense listen. Remarkably though the drumming (Yamato), as strong a backing beat as it is, is one of the more simpler sounds of this new track but remains perfectly consistent through the first minutes of the song as a background beat. 
As the chorus hits this changes slightly. The drumming becomes more noticeable as a factor in the song as the electronics become more low key, making way for some more melody from the guitars and vocals. Angel Taka's vocals are introduced for the chorus without the assistance of programming and "PRECOG" now highlights some of those more catchy sounding moments that make Uchu Sentai NOIZ's material so irresistible. 
As the first in a trio of releases over the next few months, could "PRECOG" live up to it's suggested title and be something of a teaser for the next two releases to follow? This would not be a negative thing as "PRECOG" is an energetic and dynamic listen from beginning to end in a way that will excite and encourage at least a few more listens before you are entirely satisfied you have let this monster of a song sink in fully. Bring it on!
"PRECOG" will be released officially on the 17th July in two Limited Editions. Both editions will feature the tracks "PRECOG" and a re-recording of "Sentimental Drop Kick ~GALAXY SUMMER OH! MY JULIET~" but will also come with an additional DVD either featuring the accompanying music video or live show footage.