Number of tracks: 15

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: 8th July 2015

Zouka to uso 
My ironical 
Chicken riddle 
time SICKness 
Yakusoku - Pf arrange 

"UNiVERSE" opens with the title track and already you can feel the potential for this album with the contrast of first the bouncing rhythms and joyful melodies from Yui's vocals to the sudden heavier, almost metal, elements that are coming from the drums. 
This is highlighted further with "REV", which is a previously released track but is by no means any less relevant to mention again, as we get more of a taste of the heavier side of UNiTE with darker programming complimenting the harsher and deeper tones coming through from the bass and guitars. 

This heavier element then shifts to show another side of UNiTE. From "Zouka to Uso" onward up to "l8r" the tone changes to give us a mixture of beautiful melodies, charming vocals and a more of a dance like nature in comparison. "My Ironical" especially, fitting in some more programming which again works splendidly to compliment the guitar work, is a great track to lift your mood... to dance along to... until around the half way marker where the song alters slightly which will surely induce many fans into a hasty but excited headbanging moment. 

The second half of "UNiVERSE", from "ice" to the very end, sort of incorporates all of the elements we have heard together. 
First we have a couple of songs that are more of your melodic rock, then a couple of songs that reminisce the opening of the album with heavier and metal-like tones (check out "---Kiritorisen--- ") and then we go back into the more dance-like mode. 

When you see it written down it might sound a bit odd and perhaps even just thrown together but oddly enough it actually works really well as UNiTE have a talent for sneaking in parts of the other elements into the mix to make it work. For example with "Marble" the song is primarily dance-like and melodic but there is this undercurrent of heavier rock coming through in between the vocals from the guitar and bass lines. 

"UNiVERSE", the 4th full length studio album, is a firecracker of a release from the Visual Kei five piece band UNiTE and a brilliant debut album for their drummer Sana who has only been with the group since last year. The album will be released digitally through out Europe on the 8th of July on iTunes or Amazon via Gan-Shin Records.