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Interview 2012

The Under of Garden - Taken from Schwarz Kain
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Tokami's newest release "Schwarz Kain" will be released officially on the 6th of June and features 12 tracks of their best material as a band together. 
As well as featuring re-mastered and re-released tracks, there are also some rare tracks on there, which have only before been released via live house sales. 

"Schwarz Kain" will be limited to 1000 copies only and will come with two disks in total, a CD (featuring 12 tracks) and a DVD featuring the new music video to "The Under of Garden". The re-mastered "The Under of Garden" itself, originally released back in December 2009, is the opening track of the album. 
From the very opening, you are invited by this intriguing and sensual composition of deep, bass instruments. The pace is slow and the whole mood is rather eerie yet beautiful. Agato's vocals are equally deep in tone to begin with, which are then matched with some amazing harmonies, and together reaching a higher pitch before the song starts to take a much darker turn. 
A couple of minutes in, "The Under of Garden" becomes less of a subtle and gothic lull, and now takes the more metal route as the guitars (Shige and K), bass (Ichika) and drums (1000) make a more prominent entrance. 
There is now a heavier grinding power from the guitars and the unmistakable, clear, rhythm from Ichika's bass lines. The pace of the drums quickens, and along with some impressive guitar riffs now and then, there is also an introduction of synth and piano complimenting Agato's wonderfully operatic vocals. 
This re-mastered version remains a truly dramatic and exceptional piece of music. 
In comparison to the original, Tokami have obviously touched up a few things, as this newer version sounds so much less raw and much more refined. Nevertheless, it cannot be argued that "The Under of Garden" (re-mastered) does not hold every promise for the rest of the album.