The Underneath

Special Thanks go to The Underneath's manager~ Asuka

Also, Kirin sends their best wishes and support to all members of The Underneath for their future.

KW: How would you describe your style in the music and fashion sense?

Taka: I always express the mood I am feeling on a particular day by what I choose to wear.

Tal: I think that the clothes of the Underneath chose to wear are one means to tell music & give the world a good view of us.


KW: Do you think that fashion can help the popularity of a band?

Tal: I have found that our band can set trends within fashion, However, fashion can never  control the popularity of the band.

Taka: I don’t think you can separate music and fashion, for both the band and the idea of attraction, the externals are always important.


KW: A lot of UK fans tend to like the same Japanese rock bands and visit every Japanese band that comes to the UK, how would you say you are different from bands such as D'espairs Ray, MUCC and Dir en grey?

Tal: I think that the Underneath can express the unique Japanese melody in music that other bands find hard to achieve.

Taka: There is no common feature between us and the other bands besides the fact we are under the name J-Rock and we are in the same generation.


KW: A lot of bands struggle to maintain a private life whilst being heavily in the public eye- how have you all managed to stay true to yourselves?

Tal: I have done nothing different.

Taka: I find no problem with trying to maintain a private life.


KW: TRANSTIC NERVE' was the first name that you came to be known under in the UK, why did you make the transition to 'the Underneath'?

Taka: It was to support the idea of Destruction and creation and that a new thing doesn't appear if the old thing is not destroyed.

Tal: We started with Transtic Nerve and then decided to return to our original intentions with our creativity.


KW: How would you say the experience of playing at the hide memorial effected you all individually?

Taka: It was a massive chance for a lot of people to recognize The Underneath as a band, And, it became a very big experience for us too.

Tal: Because it was the first hide related live for us to play at in Japan, it made our feelings especially heightened, it was very emotional for us all.


KW: Can you explain for your UK fans why The Underneath will be disbanding?

Tal: When the members all sat down for a discussion about the future, the idea of disbanding was mentioned, however, we are making positive decisions as we stare at our individual futures.

Taka: It is difficult to talk about disbanding of the band in a single phrase. For instance, disbanding is the same and as sudden as when a band is suddenly born by people who like music gather together.


KW: How have your fans around the world reacted to the news that you will be disbanding?

Tal: Our last tour starts on the 21st. I think that I will get a true reaction from our fans about their feelings of the disbanding when I see them. Just to confirm.

Taka: It was said that a lot of people felt regret about us announcing it.. It is something that our apologies may not be what the fans accept as an answers to them.


KW: What can we expect from your last single before you disband? Will it be typical 'the Underneath' sounding, or something completely different?

Taka: I think that it is a sound that does represent ‘us’ as a band. It is music dedicated to all our supportive fans.

Tal: I think that it is a different approach to other sounds we have made.


KW: Do any of you have any plans for the future, will any of you be continuing to make music?

Tal: I won’t be thinking of doing anything until the live last of the Underneath ends.

Taka: I will continue music though there is no thing that can be announced now.


KW: When looking back across your history in the band, what would you all say is your best moment?

Taka: Just living a Band life. All those times were the best times.

Tal: Rockstar Taste of Chaos was the best for me. RTOC is something I will remember for the rest of my life.


KW: Do you have any parting words for your UK fans?

Tal: I regret not to be able to perform in the UK knowing now we have fans there. I am sincerely wishing that can we can sometime share some good times in the UK together.

Taka: Thank you for coming to like our sounds.
Even if the band dissolves, our music is eternal.
Keep  loving.