Daisuke from The Sound Bee HD tells Kirin about how he is in the "Ultimate" band...

What makes The Sound Bee HD so different from any other band in Japan?

Daisuke: We have ultimate individual members like "an ultimate masochist", "an ultimate drinker", "an ultimate dead body" and "an ultimate strange person"!!  Hahaha......


When creating the band, did you realise you would have to work hard, or has it been a natural connection?

Daisuke:  It has been a natural connection. I am lucky.


What was the best thing about making your third album, [Hachi]?

Daisuke:  It is a mixture of Japanese traditional sound and heavy digital sound with Japanese gothic fashion.      


What 'gothic' influences made you want to start a 'goth' band?

Daisuke:  Originally my roots are Heavy metal and Gothic sound!!!


You recently completed a 'Memorial' Show to comemorate the passing of ten years as a band, how do you think you are different people to ten years ago?

Daisuke: I was a smoker ten years ago, but now I am a non-smoker!  This is a big difference for me.  And I sang whilst playing guitar ten years ago, but now I just sing.


What have been the hardest emotions you have all had to understand?

Daisuke:  It's the emotion that I cannnot make a great songs.  Maybe God mekes me some fantastic songs.


If you could have been a member in your favourite childhood band, what bands would they have been?

Daisuke:  Ozzy osbourne I him like very much!! But maybe Bon jovi!!!


A lot of Japanese bands are influenced by western music, do your remember your first reactions to hearing western bands?

Daisuke: I was shocked by the sound of the guitars and synthesizer from beginning of the songs. 


What were your first reactions of each other when you first met?

DAISUKE felt that YUICHI(Guitar) is an ultimate masochist, YOU(Bass) is an ultimate drinker, TAK(Guitar) is like an ultimate dead body and HIRO(Drums) is an ultimate strange person!!  Whereas TAK thought DAISUKE is "DARTH MAUL by Star wars"(because DAISUKE's make-up is like DARTH MAUL!!!).  YOU thought DAISUKE is a heavy drinker!! (But in fact he cannot drink alcohol at all.)  YUICHI thought DAISUKE has a terrible appearance but he is so gentle!  HIRO thought DAISUKE is a great person.


If you could achieve anything whilst in The Sound Bee HD, what would that ambition be?

Daisuke:  I want to make a big festival substituting for the Halloween with all over the world!  And I also want to spread THE SOUND BEE HD all over the world


Finally, a message to UK fans...

Daisuke: We want to perform in UK someday. Maybe our dream will come true.  Please listen our music by CD or You Tube or Web download until the day when you can meet us in the near future. Thank you!!!