TeddyLoid - Re Momoiro Clover Z


Run time: 38 minutes 45 seconds
Number of tracks: 12

Written By: Chris Hunter
Release Date: 16th September 2015

Link Link
DNA Rhapsody
Zenryoku Shoujo
AMENO TAJIKARAO (TeddyLoid & tofubeats remix)
Kuroi Shuumatsu
Kasou Dystopia
Bionic Cherry
Yumeno Ukiyoni Saitemina
Z no Chikai
Neo Stargate

With a plethora of albums gracing his name, whether it be as a producer, arranger, or remixer Japanese DJ TeddyLoid is no stranger to working with other people’s music and making it his own. This album provides the additional challenge of blending a particularly recognisable genre like idol music with dance music. TeddyLoid has managed this and then some.

The album starts with “Link Link”. Originally this song isn’t exactly an exciting one but TeddyLoid has managed to turn it into an Ibiza dance hall anthem. The song feels a little detached at one point with a strange guitar interlude, but after a couple of minutes into this track you can’t help but nod along to the beat.

After this is “DNA Rhapsody”, a Drum and Bass style song that sounds like it would fit in perfectly in any arcade racer. This is possibly the strongest track on the album with its memorable style.
This next track came as somewhat of a surprise. “Contradiction” feels like the sort of song you would expect to hear in an illegal rave in a cyberpunk cult movie.  At first this song almost feels like a demo tape for a punk band in the early 90s, but by the chorus you are reminded that the subject matter of this album is indeed an idol band, with the catchy vocals and upbeat change in tempo.
“Zenryoku Shoujo” is possibly the most accessible track on the entire album with a mainstream dance music feel to it that would make it fit in perfectly in any trendy Shinjuku night club.
“AMENO TAJIKARAO” sees TeddyLoid joined by tofubeats to create the heaviest track on this album by far with its Hard House feel. This is the sort of song that you would feel the need to adjust your subwoofer on. The faster vocals of this track work really well for the almost drum and bass style beat.
With it’s 50’s diner style intro “Kuroi Shuumatsu” leads you on a road of different styles. The song turns into a queen style “thump thump clap” tune before returning to a more mainstream rock feel. During the chorus a toy piano is used as accompaniment, reminding us once again of the idol roots of this album. 
“Kazou Dystopia” brings a sort of hand-bobbing Hip-Hop style to the album before revealing what can only be described as “digitally angelic” vocals for the chorus.
“Bionic Cherry” starts with an epic theatre production feel before “open your eyes” is said and a guitar starts. This is when the party starts. Unfortunately this party is a little dull, with the tempo being just that little too slow throughout the song it feels slightly lacklustre in comparison to the rest of the album.
“yumeno Ukiyoni Saitemina” is another one of the stronger tracks on the album with it’s Halloween rave feel and slash style guitar riffs dotted about the place. This is another one of those tracks where you will find yourself bopping your head along to the beat without even noticing.
“Seishunfu” is the slow jam of this album. This is track 10 of 12 but it really feels out of place at this position, as it sounds more like a farewell theme. It would have made more sense to have this as the final track.
“Z no Chikai” brings the tempo up again with a fast paced but fairly monotonous track. This is due mainly to the vocals but wasn’t really helped by the music. There is a musical interlude that did help break it up a little bit at one point, but by then it almost felt too late.
Finally the album ends with “Neo Stargate”. The song starts with an epic choir and vocal samples. It’s surprising that this track was chosen as the last one as it feels like a sort of epic final fantasy battle theme at points and would have been better suited to an earlier slot. 

Generally speaking, this album feels a little choppy and unbalanced but it is fun and interesting to listen to for the most part. This isn’t to say that it is a weak album, just that it is not as strong as some of the previous remix work that he has done.
TeddyLoid is a talented man, and to take on a group like Momoiro Clover Z and manage to successfully create a completely different style of album is a great achievement. Momoiro Clover Z aren’t exactly the strongest idol group vocally, but teddy has managed to work around this with his electronic sounds and vocoders.