T.M Revolution


Preserved Roses (feat. Nana Mizuki)
Written by Rachel Yarwood
From the very opening it is clear that "Preserved Roses" will be an energetic J-Pop track. We are hit straight away with an abundance of electronic and thumping beats which are met with the collaboration of both Takanori Nishikawa and Nana Mizuki's vocals who take it turns with each line of the track. The two of them sound rather good as a duo and come together to harmonise fantastically for the chorus, but there is a underlying fear that this song will fade out to become just another theme track for just another anime. 
Apart from the tempo, the upbeat rhythm, that hangs on being slight rock amongst the catchy electronic elements, "Preserved Roses" is arguably not going to be one of those tracks that will be particularly memorable or one that you will tempted to listen to more than a few times before shelving. 
As an opening theme song for "Valvrave the Liberator" this song is in its own way an exciting beginning as what it should be and what it is meant for. The vocals are exceptional, both vocalists complimenting each other with their solos and harmonies, not once out-glorifying the other. However, as two distinguished artists as Nishikawa and Mizuki are, it is all two tempting to be just a little disappointed at how standard this song has turned out to be.
"Preserved Roses" will be released officially on the 15th of May and will come in three editions in total; Regular and two Limited Editions.
The Regular Edition will feature three tracks which are "Preserved Roses" plus another two editions of this song, one with only Nishikawa's vocals and the other with only Mizuki's vocals. 
The first Limited Edition, which is 'Limited Pressing', will only feature the track "Preserved Roses" and the second Limited Edition will feature a CD with two tracks plus a bonus DVD with extra videos and anime footage.