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Aizo no Femme Fatale

4th March 2015
Aizo no Femme Fatale
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Synk;yet's newest single "Aizo no Femme Fatale" certainly doesn't seem to want to leave any room for criticism as the band have released what is arguably an epic, with its heavily gothic influence and fast, heavy pace. 
The single as a whole release is full of tremendously dark but beautiful moments, whether it's the synchronism of the bass and drums and the 'rock-out' moments of the title track "Aizo no Femme Fatale", or the gorgeously gothic synthesiser and piano composition in "R.I.P", you will find something (or a lot of things!) that you will undoubtedly love at first listen. 
"An Die Freude" changes the theme of the single a little bit to something that is set aside completely from the rest of the release. In the beginning we hear more of a raw side to Synk;yet but as the song progresses to the chorus, the vocals especially, add more depth and a considerable amount of melody that we don't get with the other songs.
"Aizo no Femme Fatale" is a fantastic new release from Gothic Visual Kei band Synk;yet. With four tracks full of edgy riffs, deep rhythms and lovely vocal work, this is a single not to be taken lightly. 
"Aizo no Femme Fatale" will be released on the 4th of March.