Run time: 68 minutes 57 seconds
Number of tracks: 16

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: 6th June 2014 Digital

elisabeth addict
nine melted fiction
hidden one
uyuu no sora
the daemon's cutlery
scars like velvet
madara ningen
in all weathers

Haunting images invade your mind as "elisabeth addict" opens Sukekiyo's debut album, from the tender piano notes striking chillingly into your ear drums followed closely by the medieval rhythm of drums and tone of the string melodies, to the harsh and almost hair raising vocals from lead vocalist Kyo. "IMMORTALIS" certainly begins with a prowess for an intense and spine-tingling listen... but are first impressions going to be short lived?

Uncommonly for most, "destrudo" that follows, is an instrumental track but before you have a chance to agree with the question above, any doubt will truly have been washed from your minds as "latour" bites back with venom. There is the most impressive drumming from MIKA that switches from a gentle, more flowing rhythm, to compliment the melodies from guitarists TAKUMI and UTA to this rapid and unrelenting series of beats and cymbal crashes to match Kyo's ominous vocal work whether it be those beautiful high notes or the maddening screams. 
This mixture of the poignant show-case (almost circus of horrors) style of gothic metal and pretty in between melodies continues with brilliant fierceness and, although the beginning of the album could be seen as being a little slow going, "hidden one" cranks up the rhythm just where it might be needed and the option to either head bang or dance in appreciation to the dramatic lead guitar composition makes this track all the more appealing. 

The mid-way point, the eighth track out of the lengthy sixteen, "uyuu no sora" is the second instrumental track on the album. Even if you are not adept to instrumentals, there is something drawing you to carry on listening to this, almost as if the devil as a lock on your soul. The composition is creepy. Seriously so. With the grind of the guitar, chiming clocks, and macabre vocals... the simple and raw way this has been composed will not be forgotten easily. 
What follows is a 'heavier' side of the album that doesn't particularly get heavier in the sense of what the band are performing but the depth of the songs seem to have a darker quality to them compared to the first half of the album. 
"vandal" and "hemimetabolism" certainly retain a lot of the gothic and the strange melodies that are continually intriguing to listen to, certainly each song on this album can be praised for it's own individuality, but then you have "kugui" which really throws a curve ball in the mix. It doesn't sound threatening or indeed, for the lighter of hearts, nightmarish but rather it is a beautiful track to listen to with dramatic tension and fantastic vocals and guitar solo. 

Even if you can't get over the excitement of the line-up for this newly formed band you will still appreciate this album as the first in the making for them. It is an exceptional release, whether or not you are familiar with the member's musical history listening to this album in full will prove to be a complete mind-blown experience and one can only wait to see what they have in store for their tour across Europe later this year. 

"IMMORTALIS" will be released officially in Europe on the 6th June for the digital release, or on the 4th July for the physical release, via Gan-Shin Records.