Suicide Ali

Please introduce yourselves individually and tell us about your music style...

In the world of SUCIDE ALI members possess official titles as characters in our world. 
In the role of bit el bedi, vocalist GOSHI
I was born as a god who carries the wisdom to create, but that power has been stolen away. 
In the role of Ooe Shundei, guitarist HIROSHI
My father was a monster fish person and my mother was a human crossbreed. 
In the role of Ravishan, bassist KOZI.
I am of a race who dwell in the forest for many years. 
In the role of HIY, drummer HISASHI.
I came into this world but when I was a demon child, I feared that both of my arms would be cut off. 
Our music style is dark and heavy, it’s a thing that is alive. 

How was SUICIDE ALI formed? 

Bit and Shundei were kindred spirits who came together with the concept of ‘to live is most definitely a journey’. And from there we gathered members. 

Who came up with the band’s name? Does it have a meaning? 

Bit and Shundei thought of it. Suicide is suicide and ‘Ali’ means ‘sublimity’. In other words, it can mean ‘life is a sublime journey toward death which will someday come to call.’ 

Your new single has been released, what kind of song is it? 

This time we went for a cold-blooded theme for the story of the song. The concept we created was the story of a murderer who exists in the world of SUICIDE ALI. The musical composition of the song has an unconventional feel to it. 

Do you have any plans for a new album? 

Yes we have! We’re in the middle of making it right now. We plan to release it in autumn of this year so look forward to it!

What is the goal of the band? 

That more people will get to enjoy the world of SUICIDE ALI. 

Do you have any plans to tour overseas? 

Right now we don’t, but we really want to!

Can you each tell us what your goal in life is? 

Bit: Rather than to live in the present as a consequence of the past, my aim is to live in the present as much as possible as a source of the future. 
Shundei: To leave behind proof that I lived. 
HIY: To accomplish my role as a person who was in this time. 
Ravishan: To always become happier than this present moment. 

As a band have you experienced any problems? How did you overcome them? 

Up until now we’ve had two member changes. At those times, so that our activities wouldn’t be forced to end, we thought about things positively and consequently accepted our new circumstances. So far we’ve been able to continue on. 

Among the activities you’ve done so far, what has been your biggest success? 

Right now the fact that SUICIDE ALI is still going. It’s because of the continuous support of our fans. Of course, we also have our UK fans too! 

Can each of you describe yourself in one word?

Bit: Vocal 
Shundei: Productive
Ravishan: Charming
HIY: Me! 

With the exception of yourself, can you describe each member in one word? 

Shundei: Mysterious
Ravishan: Stylish
HIY: Powerful

Bit: Inventive
Ravishan: Researcher
HIY: Experimental

Bit: Innovative 
Shundei: Colourful
HIY: Manly

Bit: Himself
Shundei: Himself
Ravishan: Himself

What kind of music were you influenced by?

We were influenced by the likes of Polly Jean Harvey, BUCK-TICK, LUNA SEA, X JAPAN and Motley Crue etc. 

And lastly, can you give us a message for your UK fans? 

Bit: To all of our UK fans, I’m Bit! Thank you for all your support! We’re separated by more than 15 hours by plane, but when I think of how we are connected by music it makes me really happy! Please continue to support us from here on out! 
Shundei: I don’t think you’ve really been able to experience the raw SUICIDE ALI, but please continue to support us from now on. And I also want to experience the Holy Land of Rock that is the UK in the flesh! Until then, please wait for us! 
HIY: To everyone in the UK thank you! We will keep doing our best from now on, so please support us! 
Ravishan: I want to do a live in the UK! I want everyone in the UK to experience the raw SUICIDE ALI