Suicide Ali


The Cold Body
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Coming up to their twelfth year as a group, Suicide Ali are still continuing to grow with regards to their musical ability and also their national and international recognition.
"The Cold Body" is the band's newest single release of the year and comes with two new tracks, "The Cold Body" and "Sequential Soda". This single also comes with an added third track, "Ningen no Kaname", a retake.
"The Cold Body" introduces the single with a fast and upbeat tempo from Hisashi on drums along with shallow breaths from, presumably, Goshi (vocals) before erupting into a dark wave of synth, powerful guitar (Hiroshi) and a deep, throbbing bass line (Kozi).
Goshi begins his first verse, and if the opening of this track was not already beginning to remind you of why you started listening to Suicide Ali in the first place, then his trademark voice, silky but with the slight undertone of operatic rock, will jolt your memories.
As the song progresses, the haunting synth and industrial shred of the guitars is combined with another appealing aspect. The instrumental hears the pairing of jazz and goth in a memorable piano contribution before the vocal bridge leading up to the final chorus. The music and the vocals increase, in standard key and resonance, aiming for that dramatic closure which is done so with immense emotion.
With a raw growl and a thrashing guitar composition likening that of perhaps industrial metal, the second song on the single, "Sequential Soda", starts us off with something remarkably heavier than "The Cold Body". A flute like synth that gives the song that gothic and electronic flair that we have grown accustomed to hearing from Suicide Ali soon replaces this. The grind of the guitar remains in the background however as Goshi continues, his smooth and melodic vocals adding adeptly to compliment each change of style.
"Ningen no Kaname" follows on from "Sequential Soda" very well.
Slightly reminiscent of each other at the beginning with regards to style, "Ningen no Kaname" then takes things up another gear, Goshi especially impressing here as the lead up to the chorus gives us more of the raw, growling, technique that was only hinted at beforehand.
All three tracks on this new single from Suicide Ali fit perfectly together, almost like this has a beginning, middle and end (though obviously not with the fairytale storyline).
"The Cold Body" will be released officially on the 11th of January so grab your copy whilst you can. 


Stitch DoLL
Written by Rachel Yarwood
For those who may not be familiar with this group, Suicide Ali was formed in 2004, the band members consisting of Goshi on vocals, Hiroshi on guitar, Kozi on bass and Hisashi on drums.
During their early years, Suicide Ali had only released material online for download and did not release anything official as a hard copy until July 2006. Their new single of the year, "Stitch DoLL", released on the 23rd June is a maxi-single and holds four songs on the CD including the main feature plus "Traitor", "Chain Saw" and "Yuukai Gokku" (a re-mix).
Suicide Ali's aim with many of their songs is based off their band name, so you only have to imagine what dark and ultimately ominous things Goshi may be singing about. Their style in appearance is also dark and gothic which compliments their music style just as well and you can definitely get this feeling when you listen to their music.
This new song is no different from the others when you hear the deep gothic and also bordering on industrial sound. The collaboration between the drums, guitar and bass give off this heavy vibe and they work as one giving a fast, but clear, 'thrashy' sound. There isn't really that much distinction to hear between bass and guitar but rather they work together sending this pulsating vibe so delectable you may just find yourself becoming entranced.
The opening of this song sounds very much like a record which has stuck or the scratching you get when you first put the needle onto a record to play the song and when they all start to play, there is this very eerie sound. When Goshi starts to sing, he plays on this eeriness very effectively and with the use of flats he gives off this whole 'gothic' and ghostly theme which completely draws you in. His vocals are rather deep and sensual which is so hard to take your attention away from. It sounds very much like a death march in a way, almost like a dramatic summoning to your end, and if this was a song that leads you to that end... well I wouldn't complain.
There is a point where everything pauses for a split second and then all three, minus Goshi, come back to play. Hiroshi and Kozi giving this aggressive sound that would challenge anyone listening to try not to head bang, discreetly if you're on public transport, in time to the beat. This is a pivotal point of the song - almost like the calm before the storm, or perhaps before the end of all things. The drums themselves, it is very hard to not pay attention to the clear and precise beat that Hisashi offers us. Hisashi's drumming sounds like he is throwing all of his energy into what he is doing and it certainly pays off.
Overall, "Stich DoLL" ticks all the right boxes for Suicide Ali. It is dark, sensual and creepy... perfect for any person's playlist who enjoys a bit of this type of music. As of yet, there are no PV's to be seen from Suicide Ali, but this should not cause any hindrance in a decision to take a listen, because this band should not be one of those who are pushed to the corner and forgotten about.