Written by Rachel Yarwood
SuG's newest single release "sweeToxic" begins with quite a heavy introduction from the guitars (Masato / Yuji) which then swiftly changes to a more funky tune and an upbeat, yet simple, accompaniment from the drums (Shinpei). 
The musical arrangement quickly shifts into a sweet pop-like, or soft rock, song. In terms of the melody of Takeru's vocals especially, if you weren't to know who SuG were, you would imagine this as a boy-band group. 
The lead guitar has a rather good melody to it, and the bass (Chiyu) also has a good rhythm, if you can pick them out above the extra melodies of the synthesiser which is quite dominant and only adds to the pop feel that this song is giving off. 
This is taken to the next level in regards to the instrumental bridge and the music video where we have a little bit of techno dance thrown in and some very R'n'B styled moves from Takeru. 
The music video is bright, colourful and addictively watch-able from start to finish. Of course we have the dance routines which might seem a little weird for some fans when you think that SuG are a five piece rock band and not forgetting the near naked model (apart from padlocks and chains) which adds some contradicting eroticism to the rest of the camera shots. 
"fat inside hour" is the second, shorter and more explosive track on this single release. 
This track begins with an outburst of vocals and a deeper grind of the guitar. This is almost like a complete opposite of the first track in style with this one bringing more rock and hinting at a the much more darker qualities of what SuG's music has to offer. The bass especially gives this track a deeper edge, and without the added synth like we had with "sweeToxic", you can hear the underlying rhythms perfectly. 
The vocals however, minus the occasional growls and screams, remain the same. Although they are not as sweet as they were for the first track, the essence is still there. 
"sweeToxic" will be released on the 19th of September in three editions; Regular, Limited A and Limited B.
The Regular Edition will feature three new tracks, "sweeToxic", "fat inside hour" and "Love Scream Party (rebirth version)".  The Limited A Edition will feature two tracks, "sweeToxic" and "fat inside hour" whilst the bonus DVD will include the new music video for the title track.  Finally the Limited B Edition will feature the same two tracks as the Limited A Edition but different material on the bonus DVD.