Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Harukaze" is the twelfth major single release from popular girl band SCANDAL and the title track itself will again be used as an opening theme for the anime BLEACH.
The opening melodies of the guitar that first greet us with this single are pleasant, harmonious, and present that more typical essence of girl pop-which is one of the major themes surrounding SCANDAL's overall sound. 
As is quite often with a lot of SCANDAL's singles, Haruna takes the lead with the first verse, Mami following with the second and so on. With this song, there is also a bit of voice manipulation thrown in which is a really good effect that has been used here, giving us a little bit of something different and the song a bit of an edge. 
The harmonies between lead vocalists Haruna and Mami are also faultless, show themselves more clearly for the chorus which adds a lot more melody after the more subdued, and solo, verses. 
Listening to "Haruka" as the opening track, you can definitely tell the progress that the girls have made and how they have matured over the years as musicians in comparison to when they were beginning to make their mark on the music world. 
"ASTERISK" which you will find on the Type B of the limited edition release is where the reality of how much they are willing to push themselves becomes clear. 
As soon as the introduction, a dramatically more upbeat beginning as opposed to "Harukaze", subsides and the verse begins properly you will either be horrified or pleasantly surprised to hear the girls trying their luck at their own version of the same song by Orange Range. 
As much as it might be difficult to think of the band covering this song it is actually quite, if oddly, enjoyable to listen to. This cover song is not too brash but at the same time it is not something that will be laughed off... either way this one will probably be a give or take addition to the single. 
SCANDAL's "Harukaze" single release will officially be out on sale as of the 22nd of February and comes in three editions. The Regular edition only features the title track and instrumental, whereas the Limited Edition A features the title track, instrumental plus "ALONES" which is SCANDAL's cover of the song first recorded by 'Aqua Timez'. The Limited Edition B comes with the title track, instrumental and cover track "ASTERISK".