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2nd April 2014
Lily- Tsukikage ni Miserarete
Written by Rachel Yarwood
It is unlikely that anyone would blame you for believing that Rentrer en Soi had reformed as "Lily - Tsukikage ni Miserarete" opens. The first twenty seconds are an ear splitting mix of heavy instrumentation from drums and strings combined with a surprising choice of vocals. 
For the past few releases we have not heard much past soft rock and the occasional pop or ballad track from Satsuki, however this new track of his is simply enthralling! We seem to have sunk back a few years and are graced with metal rhythms and melodies that are delicious to the ears for any fans of the heavier material. Although, after the harsher screaming vocals that we are introduced to in the beginning, the smoother side of Satsuki's voice comes through soon enough and together with the separate background melody beneath the heavier rock atmosphere of the track it all sounds very energetic and uplifting. 
The b-side, "BRAVE", is however the style that over the past few years we have come to know from Satsuki's solo work. Sung entirely in English this track, as much as "Lily" is, will appeal to some but not to others though it cannot be denied that the score is beautiful and the vocals are equally as pleasant to listen to. 
"Lily - Tsukikage ni Miserarete" will be released officially on the 2nd of April and it will be available in one edition only. The single will feature two tracks, "Lily" and "BRAVE", and will also come with an additional bonus DVD to which fans can watch Satsuki's accompanying music video for "Lily".