Run time: 53 minutes, 25 seconds
Number of tracks: 12

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: 18th October 2013

Demons cradle
kannou to Paradox
uso ni mamireta shinzitsuno soko
yasashiku koroshite
face to face (unplugged ver.)

"MADIGRAL de MARIA" is a superb album from SADIE that grows in strength from the rather sinister opening of "Demons Cradle" to the beautiful finale of the 'unplugged' version of "face to face". 
The whole album has a dark yet alluring quality to it, whether it is in the harsh metal tones dominating "THE REQUIEM" and "Decadance", or by the slightly gothic undertones of "viper", or the sensual and melodic vocals in "uso ni mamireta shinzitsuno soko". Each of these tracks on this new release seem to fit together brilliantly as though they are telling a part of the same story.
"Kannou to paradox" and "STARRING" are two particularly outstanding pieces. "Kannou to paradox" follows easily after "Jelousy" but begins with a bit of a different style to what the album first sounds like. It has more of a jazzy feel to the opening with a great use of the bass guitar and of the vocals especially, whilst the guitars contrast sharply with eerie melodies, giving us a bit more of an alternative sound in comparison the rest of the album and yet still convincingly part of that original story. 
"STARRING" on the other hand is more of the heavier metal style. Beginning with a strange march-like instrumentation you almost get the sense as if you are being led to some kind of certain doom. As the track progresses you get more of the heavy tones from the pounding beat of the drums and also the near relentless riff of the guitars. Mao's vocals are also very good as they switch from rough growls to melody perfectly. In fact the use of vocals in particular is remarkably good, to the point where you can say that Mao arguably has outdone himself for this entire release, as you can really sense the vocal emotion behind each of the tracks. The growls and the rawness are equally as impressive as the powerful yet starkingly more melodic vocals that just seem to be completely unfaltering through out. 
"MADIGRAL de MARIA" altogether is an easily likeable album with next to no negative points to it what-so-ever. It is a strong representation of the band and will undoubtedly please the majority of their fanbase as it really highlights the best qualities of the band... and in just these twelve tracks.
"MADIGRAL de MARIA" will be released officially in Europe on the 18th of October 2013 and will feature 12 tracks in total.